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Exploring All Options With Regard To Accident Lawyers In Phoenix AZ

Individuals that have been involved in some type of automobile accident or pedestrian accident as well as a variety of other accidents should explore all their options with regard to accident lawyers in Phoenix AZ. This is important because not all accident lawyers are the same. In fact, they vary greatly in terms of the fees charged and the services they offer. That is why it is important to plan and choose carefully in this regard.

Awarded A Settlement Or Recovery

One example of a major consideration that should be taken into account with regard to an accident lawyer is whether or not they offer discounted fees. While many Phoenix personal injury law firms charge maximum fees others charge discounted fees resulting in great savings to those when they are awarded a settlement or recovery. In short, discounted attorney’s fees related to Phoenix personal injury law cases result in larger final settlements for you, our clients.

Fees Are Not Increased If Litigation Is Required

In most instances attorney’s fees are based on the services provided by an attorney for handling the investigation and negotiating of a personal injury claim. A contingency fee basis is typically the most desirable way to address attorney’s fees with regard to a personal injury claim. A contingency basis benefits the client in that they only pay attorney’s fees if a settlement is successfully awarded. Another key element of attorney’s fees with regard to personal injury claims is the fees associated with litigation. In other words, it is always good to work with a Phoenix legal firm that charges a flat fee where fees are not increased if and when litigation is required.

Overwhelming Medical Expenses

While there are many accident lawyers in Phoenix AZ, Hastings & Hastings has proven to provide some of the most attractive discounted attorneys fees in the industry. Hastings & Hastings even agrees to waive the cost associated with a personal injury claim if no settlement is awarded. This serves to greatly benefit personal injury victims that already have overwhelming medical expenses. Hastings & Hastings has consistently saved clients millions of dollars over the years in attorney’s fees. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about discounted attorney’s fees for Phoenix personal injury claims.