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The Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix Injury Victims Trust And Respect

Personal injury victims that have been involved in some type of accident that was no fault of their own have many choices with regard to injury lawyers. One personal injury law firm in Phoenix Arizona that has consistently provided discounted attorney’s fees but never discounted service is Hastings & Hastings. This focused personal injury Law firm in Phoenix works on a contingency fee basis and has saved clients millions of dollars over the years.

Fees That Never Increase Even When Litigation Is Necessary

One of the primary ways that Hastings & Hastings has saved clients money is through discounted attorneys fees that never increase even when litigation is necessary. Another important consideration with regard to the money that Hastings & Hastings consistently saves clients is that all costs are waived unless a settlement is achieved. This simply means that if an injury victims, for whatever reason,is not awarded a settlement they are simply not required to pay any of the costs associated with filing a personal injury claim.

Dog Bite Incidents And Trucking Accidents

Hastings & Hastings has well over three decades of practical experience in working with a wide range of personal injury cases. From automobile accident cases to motorcycle accident cases and pedestrian accident cases as well as slip and fall cases, Hastings & Hastings has worked with virtually every type of Phoenix personal injury case imaginable. Other common cases associated with personal injury law include dog bite incidents and trucking accidents as well as boating accidents and property damage cases. In short, Hastings & Hastings has a broad range of experience in a wide variety of personal injury law cases.

A Trusted Reputation Throughout The Community

One other notable feature of working with this trusted Phoenix personal injury law firm is that it carefully selects and closely supervises each and every attorney within the firm. With a full range of experience and close attention to detail, Hastings & Hastings achieves impressive results for clients year after year. Having a trusted reputation throughout the community and a large amount of referral business, this focused personal injury Law firm in Phoenix has developed a level and trust and respect thatis simply beyond compare. Contact Hastings & Hastings today if you have been involved in any type of accident that has resulted in injury. Initial consultations are always free and always conducted by attorneys rather than a paralegal or salesperson.