Demi Moore Faces Lawsuit after man Drowns in her Pool while away from the Country

Demi Moore, away from the country traveling to meet her daughters for a birthday celebration, received devastating news that a man drowned in her pool while she was away, and she may be facing a serious lawsuit. The death occurred at a party held by her assistant. Attorney Leo Terrel reported to FOX news that […]

Dissecting the LSAT

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is the most important component of the law school admission process. It is divided into three parts: analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. The test is required by all law schools and is essentially a giant bell curve. At the end of the day, the students with the […]

Driver Education

Everyone thinks they can write, everyone thinks they can act, and everyone thinks they can drive. Yes, most people can produce something like good writing, good acting, or good driving, but few people are actually good writers, actors, or drivers. Actually, it’s safe to speculate that about 1 out of 100 drivers are actually good. […]

Famous Latin Phrases

The legal field is riddled with Latin. Exempli gratis, habeus corpes (for example, give us the body). One might ignorantly presume that this is an intentional effort to keep lay people away from the profession so that lawyers can keep their profession sustainable and lucrative. But Latin should not be feared. It has far fewer […]

Law Students who Moonlight as Beauty Queens

When one thinks of law students, the image of a pale student wearing horned rimmed glasses and suspenders holstered over their frail shoulders comes to mind. But, apparently a handful of students boast the virtue of beauty as well as brains. Most recently, a one Candice Bennatt who holds the title for Miss Louisiana 2015, […]

Bizarre Arizona Laws

Although the legal system remains a highly efficient, highly logical set of guidelines and principles that produce justice, there are a few laws that simply make no sense. Regardless, a reasonable thinker hopes to find a cause for every effect, and along that line of reasoning, a law that prohibits humans from dressing donkeys in […]

Shakespeare Plays and Lawyers

Authors tend to be a bit on the eccentric side. Their ability to accurately describe the things ordinary people don’t notice makes them a shining example of human ingenuity and the capacity of the mind. Shakespeare being an author amongst authors was the best at pointing out the obvious in a clever yet precise manner. […]

Endorsing Turn Signal Vigilance

Turn signals are one of those elements of Automobile safety that is often overlooked. No doubt, it is courteous to indicate to other drivers that you intend to turn. What’s more, using turn signals defends against rear end collisions, something everyone intends to avoid. Failing to use your turn signal can result in a $96 […]

Interview Tips

Once in a while, a person will reach a crossroads in their life and decide their current employer may not be a good fit. In the wake of this decision, the daunting task of another interview most likely follows. Recent college graduates looking for a new job have no chance of avoiding the interview process. […]

Do not Evade Jury Duty

Evading jury duty seems harmless, right? Wrong! Not only are you interfering with the administration of justice, you are risking a $2,000 fine and possible jail time.  Jury duty is a civil obligation. States take the evasion of jury duty very seriously. When one agrees to enter a social contract and reap all the benefits […]