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Dissecting the LSAT

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is the most important component of the law school admission process. It is divided into three parts: analytical reasoning,

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Driver Education

Everyone thinks they can write, everyone thinks they can act, and everyone thinks they can drive. Yes, most people can produce something like good writing,

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Famous Latin Phrases

The legal field is riddled with Latin. Exempli gratis, habeus corpes (for example, give us the body). One might ignorantly presume that this is an

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Bizarre Arizona Laws

Although the legal system remains a highly efficient, highly logical set of guidelines and principles that produce justice, there are a few laws that simply

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Interview Tips

Once in a while, a person will reach a crossroads in their life and decide their current employer may not be a good fit. In

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Do not Evade Jury Duty

Evading jury duty seems harmless, right? Wrong! Not only are you interfering with the administration of justice, you are risking a $2,000 fine and possible

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