Building your own Roadside Emergency Kit

No one ever thinks they are going to be involved in a roadside emergency. However, sometimes emergencies do happen. An accident may be unavoidable. Every vehicle should have a roadside emergency kit prepared should a worst case scenario occur. A well-stocked emergency kit will give you peace of mind. It could make a difference between […]

3 Extraordinarily Large Personal Injury Settlements

Settlements in personal injury law suits can range anywhere in value from a few hundred dollars, to amounts in the billions. Today we are going to look at 3 of the largest personal injury settlements which have ever been reached. Each one of these settlements was accompanied by extraordinary circumstances which often resulted in unfortunate, […]

Specific Winter Personal Injury Concerns

Every season has its own specifics concerns regarding personal injuries and accidents. During the winter, there is an increased chance of individuals experiencing home fires, scalds, or slips and falls. By learning why these accidents occur more frequently during the winter, we can do our best to prevent and avoid them. Home Fires Over 50 […]

About HOV Lanes in Arizona

Everyone wants to ease the burden of their daily commute. Driving on the 101, the 202, or the 51 during peak traffic times can almost double or triple the length of a drive. HOV lanes, which started appearing in Phoenix about 10 years ago were designed to smooth the flow of traffic by promoting carpooling […]

Seeking Alternative Treatment after an Accident: Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

A car accident place an incredible amount of strain and trauma on your body. Even if you were wearing you seatbelt and you have no major injuries to report immediately following the collision, problems could develop in a few days or weeks. You should always contact a healthcare professional and receive a checkup after you […]

Famous Highways and Roads from across the World (Part Three)

Today we are back talking about road! However, these are not just any roads. These roads are practically pieces of art. They are amazing products of engineering which either seamlessly integrate with the natural world around them, or show off an incredible feat of construction and design. From the impressive, to the sublime, to the […]

Famous Highways and Roads from across the World (Part Two)

Today we will revisit our series on the most famous and impressive highways and roads from all across the world. In our previous entry we covered only roads in the United States, from the short but crooked Lombard Street in San Francisco, to the long and narrow Historic Rout 66 which stretched form Illinois to […]

Famous Highways and Roads from across the World (Part One)

These days, driving is an integral part of human life. We drive on diverse roads, highways, freeways, streets, and bridges. Some of these drives are more interesting, exciting, or even breathtaking than others. Some roads in the world are impressive marvels of human engineering and ingenuity. For the next few blogs, we will look at […]

Avoiding Distraction: When Danger Comes From Inside

It has been cover ad nauseam, but distracted driving is very dangerous. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association, it is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. The world is a busy place and distractions always seem to be encroaching. We have already spent plenty of time discussing the dangers of […]

4 Common Road Hazards

One of the most common causes car accidents are road hazards. By learning about common road hazards and how they contribute to accidents, we can hopefully learn how to best avoid them. Spotting hazards ahead of time is almost always your best option. You should also practice defensive driving, while sticking to the speed limit. […]