Hastings & Hastings’ Guide for Insurance Claims

Here at Hastings & Hastings, we are fully immersed in the world of personal injury law. It has been over 35 years since we first opened our door and began defending the rights of accident victims here in Phoenix, Arizona. From day one, our mission was to give accident victims the help and support they […]

Hastings & Hastings Guide to Entering the Field of Law

At Hastings & Hastings, we are committed to defending the rights of accident victims and supporting them in any way we can. When our founder, David Hastings, opened the doors to the first Hastings & Hastings office in 1981, he had a mission to provide excellent legal representation at a discount rate. He understood that […]

The Judicial Branch of Government

On the Hastings & Hastings blog we endeavor to provide useful and actionable information regarding accident prevention, auto insurance, personal injury law, personal injury cases, retaining a lawyer, as well as other issues surrounding our fields of expertise. We also like to take close, studious looks at specific topics related to government and law. Today, […]

Learning About Auto Insurance with Hastings & Hastings

Here at Hastings & Hastings, our highly qualified team of accident lawyers works diligently handling accident cases, allowing you to focus on the process of healing and putting your life back together. The moment you choose to retain Hastings & Hastings as your accident lawyers, you can rest easy knowing you have secured the highest […]