Distracted Driving: Study Finds Nearly 90 Percent Of People Use Phone While Driving

An extensive study was conducted that focused on the driving habits of smartphone users. The study showed that nine out of 10 people use their smartphones while driving.

An analytics company called ZenDrive took a closer look at an enormous collection of driving data, which revealed information of over three million drivers, logging 5.6 billion miles and 570 million trips. The data showed that out of every 100 trips, drivers used their phones 88 percent of the time. It was also discovered that drivers used their phones 3.5 minutes out of every hour that they were driving.

How Was This Data Collected?

ZenDrive uses technology to tap into smartphone sensors, determining the phone usage while driving. It was found that there are approximately 5.6 million trips per day taken in the United States in which drivers are talking and texting while behind the wheel. Even before the ZenDrive study, the Edgar Snyder and Associates Law Firm confirmed that an estimated 660,000 people used their smartphones while driving every day.

We have seen time and time again that texting and talking while driving is dangerous. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study and found that 81.8% of the people that did the survey agreed that emailing, texting, and talking on the phone was dangerous and a threat to their safety. A whopping 78.2% of them said that it was completely unacceptable to use a smartphone while operating a vehicle. If so many people agree that it is unsafe to use a phone while operating a vehicle, why is there still such a high percentage of people who take part in this unsafe behavior?

Drivers Understand the Risk, but They Still Can’t Put the Phone Down

Even though many understand how dangerous it is to use a phone while driving, sadly a majority of drivers still continue to do so. This presents a number of safety concerns to both the driver and other people on the roads.

Smartphones are very accessible and more ingrained in people’s daily lives than they ever have been. Drivers are prone to glance at their phones while driving, and even those split-second glances can have serious consequences. In fact, drivers are 20 times more likely to be involved in an accident if they take their eyes off the road for just a few seconds. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to effectively fix this issue. States like New Jersey and Vermont rank the highest for having the most distracted drivers.

Snapchat and Apple have had lawsuits filed against them due to their role in distracting drivers and causing traffic accidents, though no company has made the push towards shutting down devices while the users travel at a high rate of speed. Technology allows applications to monitor a person’s rate of speed while using their devices, so it only makes sense that more can be done to shut down the use of certain applications if a person exceeds a certain speed limit. Still yet, it becomes difficult to determine whether the person is a driver or passenger in a vehicle. Hopefully, as technology continues to advance, we will find better capabilities of being able to keep driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel instead of on their smartphones.

Does Speeding Account for Serious and Fatal Accidents?

Residents in Arizona and many other states in America are often seen rushing through their busy days, doing their best to tend to family and work responsibilities. Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the gas station or traveling across the state to visit family, you will often see the roads jam-packed with motorists. Some may not be in a rush toward their final destination but many will be fighting time to get to where they need to be. Due to this, a driver may be compelled to put the pedal to the metal and unintentionally speed. Even though a mile- or two-an-hour beyond the speed limit may not seem like much, speeding can be very dangerous.

Speeding can come along with very extreme consequences, including losing control of the vehicle, drifting off the road, or losing the ability to stop in time, all of which can lead to serious or fatal accidents.

Speeding Puts You In Serious Danger

Studies from 2016 show that 27 percent of 10,111 traffic-related deaths were caused by speeding. This study also discovered that during a period of 20 years, speeding was involved in one-third of traffic fatalities. So yes, speeding impacts the driver’s safety and puts passengers in serious danger.

There are many dangers that arise when a person is speeding. This type of behavior behind the wheel results in a larger potential of losing control on the roadway and increases the amount of damage and injuries that occur during a crash. People who are harmed during an accident due to a speeding driver have legal rights they can pursue. Injured passengers and drivers have the right to personal injury claims. These claims have the purpose of holding the negligent driver responsible as well as recovering any compensation that is due to the injured party.

Statistics and Facts About Speeding

In America, there are nearly 112,000 speeding tickets issued to drivers. This equals out to be about 41 million speeding tickets each year. If you are a speeder yourself, research shows that you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting caught. On average, a speeding ticket will cost you anywhere from $115 to $135; however, this amount is greatly influenced by court costs in your state as well as any additional fines and fees that may apply to your speeding situation. Even though a one-time penalty of $115 may not seem like much, the amount your insurance premium can increase by a ticket is very astonishing. In fact, after one ticket, your rate is likely to increase by 18 percent. A second speeding ticket will increase it by as much as 34 percent.