Distracted Pedestrian & Bicyclist Deaths on the Rise

According to information provided by the Governors Highway Safety Association, there were approximately 6,000 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in 2017. This represented an amount that was 11 percent higher than 2016 and 22 percent higher than in 2015.  Every year, approximately two percent of all deaths related to motor vehicle accidents are a bicyclist. In many bicyclist deaths, the injuries that result in the accident being fatal are to the head. This drives home the importance of always wearing a helmet.

In 2015, there were a total of 817 bicyclists killed in accidents with a motor vehicle. This is a 13 percent increase from the previous year and represents the highest number of bicyclists killed since all the way back in 1995. The total number of pedestrian deaths have risen by 10 percent between the years of 2015 and 2016. Each of these are higher than any other category of fatalities related to traffic accidents, according to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This trend has been debated quite a bit as far as the cause goes; however, there have been efforts made to help reduce cases of distraction that have led to these high number of bicyclists deaths.  There has been an increase of 60 percent in commuter biking in the past 10 years in the U.S. Unfortunately, with this increase, comes increased risk, too. The deaths that occur among bicyclists over the age of 20 have gone up more than three times.

To ensure someone can be safe, bicyclists are encouraged to follow certain rules. These rules include:

  • Stay aware of all traffic laws
  • Know the capabilities of the bike
  • Ride in the direction of traffic in a single-file line
  • Use hand signals when trying to turn
  • Never hitch onto another vehicle
  • Prior to entering traffic look over both shoulders
  • Ensure the bike is equipped with reflectors
  • Use mirrors

If a person is injured in a pedestrian or cyclist crash, then it is important to remember there are legal resources available to help.

How To Respond After A Truck Accident

Being involved in an auto accident can be extremely scary. If you are involved in an accident with a large truck, regardless of if it is a mid-sized delivery truck, or even an 18-wheeler, then the damage can be even more significant. If you are ever involved in this type of accident, it’s imperative you know what to do and what not to do after the incident occurs. Some tips and information to help you can be found here.

Respond to Medical Emergencies and Injuries

Most truck accidents involve injuries. This includes significant injuries that require immediate medical attention. Prior to taking any steps to protect yourself from a legal standpoint, figure out if anyone involved has been injured. If there are injuries, call for help right away. If your vehicle is in traffic and you can move it, do so right away.

Let the Police Know About the Accident that Occurred

After checking all the people involved in the accident are not hurt, you need to call the police. This is crucial, as you need an accurate and factual police report of the accident that occurred. This is imperative to give to the insurance agency.

Take Photos of the Scene and the Surrounding Area

The more evidence you are able to acquire after a truck accident the better. It will also give you the highest chance of a successful recovery. If you want to strengthen your claim, be sure to use your smartphone to photograph the accident scene. This should include all the vehicles that were involved, as well as the area where the accident occurred.

Contact an Attorney

After tending to injuries, contacting the police and photographing the scene is done, make sure to call an attorney for help. They can ensure that the victim receives the money they deserve for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Be sure to find an attorney that has experience with truck accidents, as they will be best informed to handle the situation and ensure you get the results desired.

In the long run, hiring an attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that you get a fair settlement after being involved in a truck accident.

What is a Split Liability Agreement?

In many accidents, no single person is entirely at fault. This can sometimes make it difficult to get compensation from the other party. In these situations, a split liability agreement may be the best course of action. In simple terms, this agreement proclaims both parties to carry some fault for the accident. However, it does not mean this liability is divided evenly between the two parties involved. If your personal injury attorney feels there is not enough evidence to prove the other party is fully to blame for your injuries, you may need to pursue a split liability settlement.

In an accident where it is unclear which party is truly at fault for the accident, a split liability agreement is the only way to ensure a fair resolution for everyone. If the other party is mostly at fault, you may only see a small reduction in the amount of money you are owed. It all depends on the amount of fault assigned to each party.

When Is This Agreement Best?

A split liability agreement isn’t the best course of action in every car accident where fault isn’t clear. In many auto accident situations, one insurance company may push an injured party for a settlement. These settlements are often unfair to the injured party and may falsely assign blame or provide a much lower level of compensation than is typically required. This is why you should never agree to a settlement without first discussing your options with a qualified attorney. If there is evidence to prove the other party is at fault for your injuries, it’s best to pursue the full compensation. However, in some cases, your personal injury attorney will recommend pursuing a split liability agreement to protect your rights.

Contact an Attorney Right Away

The insurance company is likely to push for a settlement quickly after an accident. They often feel individuals are more likely to settle when they don’t have the time to fully consider their options. However, it’s best to wait until after you consult with an experienced lawyer before you even speak to the insurance company, In fact, if you hire the services of a personal injury attorney, they will speak to the insurance company on your behalf and will make sure you don’t settle for less than what you are owed. If you do decide a split liability agreement is your best course of action for getting compensation, they will be able to guide you through the process and ensure you don’t receive less than w hat you are owed.These attorneys understand how stressful this time can be and strive to make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on your recovery.