Why Car Accidents Increase During the Holidays

The holidays are usually known as a happy and exciting time, but unfortunately, this time of the year is also recognized for reasons that are less than jolly. The sad truth is that the days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s are among the deadliest in the country as far as traffic is concerned, and the numerous vehicle accidents that do not result in a fatality often still come with lasting repercussions. But just why do car accidents increase during the holidays in the first place? By recognizing the most common causes of auto collisions during this time of the year, you can better understand what types of claim you may be able to file in the event that you are the victim of one. And of course, knowing the risks will also help decrease your chances of getting into a new accident.

Traffic Increases During the Holidays

Many people are quick to point the finger at careless driving or getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (which we’ll go into momentarily), but the truth is that sometimes the cause is very simple. The holiday season equates to more vehicles or traffic volume on the road, which of course just increases the risk of collision. It is therefore important that you take certain precautions, such as allowing yourself extra time to reach your destination and leaving as much room between yourself and other drivers.

Holiday Gatherings Often Involve Alcohol

Many people enjoy a cup of spiked eggnog or holiday punch at parties and other gatherings throughout December, though of course there are plenty of other alcoholic beverages going around as well. There’s nothing wrong with having some fun with friends and family and enjoying a drink or too, but there is a problem when drunk driving is involved. In fact, the National Center for Statistics and Analysis has found that almost 40 percent of all accidents during the week of Christmas resulted from at least one of the drivers being under the influence of alcohol while operating the vehicle. So for those planning on drinking during the holidays, it’s important to be responsible and keep alcohol limited and/or have a reliable designated driver lined up.

Keeping Vehicles Maintained Is Not a Priority

Many of us often are not as on top of vehicle maintenance as we should be, but the truth is that it tends to fall even more to the wayside when holidays like Christmas are swiftly approaching. After all, why spend all your money on new brake pads or replacement tires when you have gifts and decorations to buy instead? But while it can seem like the prudent choice at the time, making sure you have enough funds for holiday spending by skimping on vehicle maintenance can prove to be a deadly decision. After all, many of us live in areas where the weather is more difficult to drive in this time of year, and again, the roads are also more congested with general traffic and drivers who may already be making unsafe decisions. You can drive as carefully as you like, but the fact is that not investing in proper vehicle maintenance can leave you with a car that is unresponsive when and where you need it to be.

Holiday Stress is Very Real

The holidays are fun and all, but let’s face it– most of us are also very stressed out over a lot of things during this time. There are presents to buy, cooking to be done, things to finish at work, events to attend (or host) and for many people, traveling to do. It’s all a lot to deal with, and it’s imperative to take time for yourself to de-stress and calm down before you get on the road. If you find that this is hard to do, try doing some slow breathing techniques or even squeezing a stress ball before you start the engine.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes accidents still happen despite precautions being taken. If you are involved in an auto accident, it is important that you reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. This is particularly true when you are the victim, as you may be entitled to compensation. While nothing can take back the accident from happening, your attorney will be there to help you navigate what happens next. In the meantime, stay safe this holiday season!

Common Accidents During the Holidays and How to Avoid Them

The holidays are for friends and family to kick back and enjoy time together, but it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Unfortunately, accidents during the holidays are all too common, and there’s nothing that can kill the holiday spirit faster. The good news is that you can take steps to avoid such incidents, and it all starts with recognizing the risks. Our legal experts have worked through plenty of holiday seasons, and we have long noticed a pattern in the types of claims that result from the days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s. Here’s what you need to know in order to stay safe and avoid common accidents this holiday season:

Vehicle Accidents Rise this Time of Year

With so many people traveling, it’s only natural that the rate of car accidents ticks up during December. People also tend to be more stressed around this time, and this combined with the fact that alcohol is often plentiful during holiday events just creates a recipe for disaster. It also doesn’t help that people have other costs this time of year thanks to traveling and giving gifts, and so vehicle maintenance tends to not be a top priority. You can help lower your own risk though by staying off the roads as much as possible, making sure your car is in good shape, driving with awareness (and when you’re not fatigued) and of course avoiding driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol-Related Incidents Are All Too Common

It’s no secret that alcohol consumption often rises around the holidays. After all, many of us are attending parties and gatherings during the evenings, and it’s only natural that alcohol be involved. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not drink in moderation, and this can lead to unsafe or careless behavior not just on the roads but while we’re on our feet. Alcohol-related incidents can happen both inside and outside of the home, and they can be anything from a car accident to someone slipping and falling in a living room. The best way to avoid such incidents is of course to moderate alcohol consumption, but additional precautions (like making sure a space is clean and safe before a party) can be taken as well.

People Suffer From Product Injuries

Many people celebrate by putting up holiday decorations, and new products in general are often abundant thanks to gifts and parties. However, product-related injuries are also abundant (though the good news is that you may actually be entitled to a liability claim in these cases), and there’s no faster way to ruin a holiday than with a trip to the hospital. Nevertheless, you can do what you can to avoid product injuries by always reading and following instructions as well as keeping them away from children.

Cooking Accidents Rise

Who doesn’t like eating all the great food and treats that come with the holidays? Unfortunately, more time spent in the kitchen combined with the regular distractions that come with the holidays means a greater risk for cooking-related incidents. It is imperative that proper safety methods always be practiced in the kitchen like putting away utensils and equipment once they are no longer needed, cleaning thoroughly and frequently, and making sure that there are not too many people in the kitchen at once.

Holiday Fatigue and Stress Affect Even the Best of Us

Let’s face it— the holidays are fun, but they sure can be tiring. After all, there are presents to be purchased and wrapped, special foods to be made, work to finish before days off and family and friends to see in the middle of all of it. Even those who are the most excited for them often find themselves having to contend with long lists of things that need to get done. But while it can be easy to brush holiday fatigue and stress aside as just minor annoyances, the truth is that the situation can be pretty serious. When our bodies are stressed out and / or lacking in sleep, we become more prone to making errors and getting into accidents. It is therefore crucial to make rest a priority during the holidays, and potentially dangerous activities that require focus (like driving and cooking) should be avoided when fatigue sets in. For those who just can’t seem to stop being busy, it is always a good idea to ask others for help as needed.

Know Who to Call If Accidents Happen

Sometimes accidents still happen even when we do take careful measures to avoid them. But instead of panicking, the best thing you can do next is to take control of the situation. Making sure you have the right legal assistance lined up will help you file any necessary claims with ease. When you’re ready, please feel to contact us for more information. If you or a loved one have already been involved in a holiday-related accident, we’re here to help you get any compensation you may be entitled to.