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Avoiding Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

January 29, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Avoiding Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

Space heaters have historically been responsible for a major percentage of many of the home fires that happen each and every year across the country. With that said, there are some simple yet vital safety tips that every homeowner should consider as a way to make certain that a space heater does not cause a fire that results in damage or injury. For example, something as simple as always having a fire extinguisher ready and available is an excellent way to improve safety.

Providing Space Heaters With Adequate Space

Also important is to provide space heaters with adequate space at all times. For example, a typical space heater should be at least 3 feet away from any item that can potentially catch fire or burn. This includes such items as rugs, drapes, furniture and even clothing or pillows. In short, providing space heaters with adequate space so that they do not cause a potential fire is well worth the effort.

Serious And Catastrophic Burns

Another key aspect of maintaining the highest levels of safety when it comes to operating a space heater is to always ensure that children and pets stay clear of a space heater when it is operating. Serious burns have occurred over the years because unsuspecting children have climbed onto a space heater or even simply just touched a space heater. Young children that are just beginning to learn to walk can easily fall onto a space heater resulting in serious and catastrophic burns. Parents should stay proactive when it comes to space heaters and keeping children safe.

Never Leave A Space Heater Unattended

Finally, even the best laid plans can provide little comfort unless a space heater is always monitored. In other words, never leave a space heater unattended while it is in operation. This combined with always making certain that all space heaters are turned off prior to leaving home in the morning or any other time of the day can reduce the likelihood of a home fire. Space heaters can provide warmth and comfort for many years. However, they can also cause substantial damage, injury and even loss of life. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury legal representation for injuries sustained because of someone else’s negligence.