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Talking With An Attorney Prior To Talking With Insurance Companies

July 4, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Talking With An Attorney Prior To Talking With Insurance Companies

Perhaps one of the most essential pieces of information available to those that have been involved in an automobile accident is simply to refrain from talking with insurance companies until an attorney has been consulted. This is a smart and effective way to greatly reduce the chances of a case being lost or an out-of-court settlement being inadequate in terms of being able to cover medical and other related expenses. This is also the case when dealing with vehicle damage related claims.

Travel At A High Velocity

Motor vehicles can be very dangerous and can result in substantial injuries and damage. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, injuries and damages can be extensive and severe simply due to the fact that vehicles today typically travel at a high velocity and strike with considerable force. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable law firm is one of the most vital decisions anyone involved in an automobile accident can possibly make. This ensures easier navigation through the complex and tumultuous waters associated with dealing with insurance companies, claims adjusters and medical professionals.

Expenses And Costs

One clear example of how talking with insurance companies can be counterproductive to those involved in an automobile accident is due to the fact many insurance companies will use a variety of tactics designed to minimize the actual value of a motor vehicle related accident. This includes underestimating the expenses and costs associated with actual injuries incurred in a collision. Even though property damage settlements and personal injury settlements are considered separate they are in many ways very related. For example, returning a vehicle to its pre-accident condition is the key to demonstrating the actual damage that was incurred and indirectly how much injury was experienced.

Levels The Playing Field

It is important for accident victims involved in any type of automobile collision to understand that insurance companies deal with these types of events on a daily basis. As such, the insurance companies are well versed in maximizing their own benefit as opposed to the benefits of an injury victim. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney effectively levels the playing field as a way to ensure that injury victims get proper and complete compensation for their losses and injuries. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury legal expertise that exceeds over 90 years of combined experience.