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Essential Holiday Travel Tips

December 31, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

The holiday season is upon us. Everybody panic!!! Okay, now chill out. You have probably experienced some crazy, stressful, exhausting holidays in the past, but those days are over. Back then you didn’t check with us for awesome holiday travel tips. Eliminate hassle and extenuated ease by following our essential holiday travel tips.

Book Early and Avoid Peak Travel Days

It might be too late for you to be able to follow these two tips this year, but for next year, you are going to be in awesome shape. You know when Christmas is ahead of time – it is always the 25th of December. This never changes. Lock your holiday plans in early and buy tickets right away. This will also let you pick from the widest selection of travel days. Avoid peak travel days at all cost. Fridays and Mondays close to Christmas are your biggest enemy. Booking a redeye flight several days before Christmas will help you save money and reduce anxiety.

Pack Light

Our advice is, avoid checking bags. Not only will many airlines hit you with a hefty $60-80 fee for checking bags, it could also add hours on to your commute. Plus, who hasn’t had an airline lose one of their bags before? That is always miserable. If you are traveling for Christmas, pack your clothing in a carryon and ship presents to your destination ahead of time. You are probably traveling to a family members home, so if you can’t fit something in your carryon, just make them provide it for you. It is family after all.

Plan your Travel Day

Many travelers are great at coming up with a big picture plan, but they forget to account for small details. Remember to secure transportation to and from the airport. Again, this is what family and friends are for. It is the holiday season, so there is no way they can keep a clean conscious and decline your request.