What is the Time Limit to File a Truck Accident Claim in Arizona?

March 12, 2024 Legal Team
In Arizona, and any jurisdiction, understanding the time limits to file a personal injury claim is vital for anyone involved in a truck accident. These deadlines - known as statutes of limitations - are set by state law and dictate how long you have after an accident to initiate a lawsuit. Failing to abide...
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How Do Insurance Claims Work for Arizona Truck Accidents?

January 30, 2024 Legal Team
Accidents involving trucks are often more complex than standard motor vehicle collisions. Given the potential for significant damage and injuries because of the size and weight of the vehicles, as well as the likelihood of multiple liable parties, it's imperative that you understand how the insurance claims process works in Arizona. In most cases,...
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Arizona Traffic Accident Statistics (2022)

December 15, 2023 Legal Team
Arizona's roads and highways have unfortunately become more dangerous, according to recent data from the Arizona Department of Transportation. The state recorded a peak in fatal traffic accidents reported within 2022 - higher than ever seen over the previous 14 years - further highlighting an urgent need for renewed commitment toward road safety measures...
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Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

August 28, 2023 Legal Team
Truck accidents can have devastating effects, often resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities. As one of the busiest states for truck traffic due to its key geographic location and extensive road network, understanding Arizona's statistics on such events is critical. Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents Truck accidents can be catastrophic because of...
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What Causes Tractor Trailer Accidents?

July 31, 2023 Legal Team
Tractor trailer accidents can lead to catastrophic outcomes given their massive size and heavy load. Identifying what triggers these devastating incidents is paramount in fostering safer roads for all users. If you’ve been injured by a tractor trailer, it’s also helpful to know who is responsible and whether you are eligible for compensation. To...
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