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Have you or someone you love been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Arizona? If so, you have come to the right place. The experienced Phoenix, AZ metro motorcycle lawyers at Hastings and Hastings are knowledgeable and are here to help you today. Time is of the essence, so please do not wait to speak with an attorney.  At Hastings and Hastings we have free initial consultations, always with a licensed, experienced Arizona injury attorney.  Never a salesman or paralegal.

Motorcycle accidents happen almost every day in the state of Arizona. But unlike car accidents, motorcycle accidents in Arizona are often deadly or resulting in serious injury. While wearing a helmet can help prevent some injuries, motorcycles are simply no match for other vehicles on the road.

Why Choose Hastings and Hastings For Your Phoenix, AZ Motorcycle Accident

Here at Hastings and Hastings, we have over 90 years of combined experience helping motorcycle riders get the compensation they deserve and back to riding. Our team of dedicated lawyers can help you get back on your feet, and back on your bike. Remember that in order to get the most from your accident, you will need to act as quickly as possible. Don’t wait, call today.

At Hastings and Hastings you will always meet with an experienced motorcycle attorney for your initial consultation, never a paralegal or salesman.  Only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice, so don’t settle for anything less. If an attorney can’t meet with you on day one, RUN and call Hastings and Hastings today.  When we settle your motorcycle accident claim, our discount fee puts more money in YOUR pocket.  Call us today at 480-706-1100, or submit a free case evaluation and we will contact you directly.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle crash is a serious event that can be life-changing. The injuries associated with these types of accidents can be severe and often deadly. Below you will find several common causes of motorcycle collisions.

Getting Hit From Behind

The fact is many drivers simply don’t pay attention to motorcycle riders. They either fail to see you or they are not aware of their surroundings. Because a motorcycle is much smaller than other vehicles on the road, they often are overlooked. When this happens drivers can slam right in the back of a bike. This type of accident can be tragic! Injuries related to this type of crash are often life-threatening.

Cars Changing Into Your Lane

As we have already learned above, other drivers on the road simply don’t keep an eye out for motorcycles. Many time someone driving a car will change lanes slamming into a motorcycle. When this happens serious injuries can occur. The massive size of other cars and trucks on the road can crush a motorcycle and its driver.

Blind Spots

Every car and truck on the road has a blind spot. When a motorcycle gets in that blind spot things can turn out bad. Most drivers fail to check their blind spots before merging lanes or making other maneuvers. If you get caught in the blind spot you could be seriously injured or even killed.

Distracted Drivers

We all know that distracted drivers can be dangerous. When people use their phone while driving very bad things can happen that result in serious bodily injury. These negligent drivers can run you over, or worse they can kill you. Negligent and distracted drivers can take your life or the life of your loved one in seconds. While there are laws against distracted driving, many people don’t follow them. Sadly, they only realize how dangerous it is until they injure or kill someone.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligent, the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Phoenix at Hastings and Hastings are here to help you today.

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