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Arizona Airbag Injuries

Airbags, crucial safety features that have saved countless lives since their introduction into the automotive industry, inflate rapidly during a collision to provide a cushion between occupants and harder vehicle surfaces. In some cases, airbags can cause injury instead. Some of the most common reasons airbag injuries occur include the following.

Airbag Injuries

Improper Deployment Timing: When the timing of an airbag’s deployment is either earlier or later than intended, it may fail to provide the necessary protection at the critical moment, leading to more severe injuries during a collision.

High Deployment Speed: Airbags deploy at extremely high speeds, which poses a risk of injury from the force alone. This speed is necessary for the airbag to fully inflate before you make contact with it during an accident, but it can cause serious injuries, especially to the face, neck, and chest areas.

Small Stature or Children: Individuals who are of smaller stature, including children and shorter adults, may be more vulnerable to airbag injury because of their size. This is usually because they are seated closer to the steering wheel or dashboard where airbags typically deploy from.

Faulty Airbag Design or Manufacturing Defects: Airbags with design flaws or those that have been improperly manufactured can deploy unpredictably, leading to injuries.

Improper Airbag Installation or Maintenance: Deficits in installation or regular maintenance checks can leave airbags malfunctioning, causing unexpected deployments while driving and leading to serious injuries.

Secondary Impact: Injuries can also occur if the occupant is hit by objects dislodged or propelled by the force of the airbag deployment.

Chemical Burns: The chemicals used to facilitate rapid inflation can cause burns on contact with skin or eyes upon airbag deployment.

Deployment in Minor Collisions: Sometimes airbags deploy during minor collisions when they may not have been necessary, causing injuries that wouldn’t have occurred without the deployment.

The unfortunate reality is that these products can save lives, but can also be dangerous.

Why You Need a Lawyer For Accidents Involving Airbag Injuries

Hiring a lawyer for car accidents involving airbag injuries is crucial due to the complexity and the specialized knowledge required to navigate these cases. Here’s how they can help:

Determining Liability: Your lawyer will investigate the facts to identify all individuals and entities who may be held responsible for the incident. As a result, you will be able to file a claim with the right insurance company or a lawsuit against the appropriate party.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Your attorney will handle all discussions and negotiations with insurers. They will ensure you obtain a fair settlement by taking into account all your damages as well as future expenses.

Consulting With Expert Witnesses: A lawyer may consult with medical professionals or crash reconstruction experts about your case. These professionals can provide reports and testimony about the extent of the injury and what caused it.

Navigating an airbag injury claim after a car accident is a legal challenge that calls for experienced professional guidance.

Liability For Airbag Injuries

Identifying who is at fault when injuries follow the discharge of an airbag requires careful examination of the situation. Parties most often held responsible in these situations include:

Manufacturer Liability: Car or airbag manufacturers could be held responsible if the injury was a direct result of design defects, flawed manufacturing processes, or failures to disclose risks about the airbag.

Vehicle Owner or Service Provider Liability: Those in charge of maintaining the safety equipment in a vehicle need to ensure everything functions properly. If improper servicing, repair failures, or lack of maintenance to the airbag system leads to injuries, the service provider, vehicle owner, or both could be held liable.

Other Drivers: If another driver’s negligent behavior caused an accident resulting in airbag deployment and the injuries that came along with it, they can also be legally responsible. 

Employer Liability: If the at-fault driver in an accident was working and acting within the scope of their employment during the crash, their employer may be held liable under vicarious liability principles.

Determining who is liable after an airbag injury is crucial so you know who to seek compensation from. For help, you should reach out to an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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