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Phoenix Brain Injury Attorneys

A traumatic brain injury can dramatically change a victim’s life in an instant. Without our brains being in “working order,” we can’t make a living for ourselves or our families, we can’t do the things we enjoy doing, we can’t take care of our responsibilities, and we often require others to take care of even our most basic needs. Brain injuries can vary in nature. Some can be mild, and we can recover fully. Others are quite traumatic and, unfortunately, permanent. You may not be able to work in your chosen field or at all. You may need long-term rehab to learn to walk and talk again. And all the while, medical bills continue to mount along with the regular monthly bills.

When another person’s negligence causes a brain injury, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation. If you or someone you love suffered a brain injury of some type because of another person’s negligence in Phoenix or the surrounding area, schedule a free case review by the experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers of Hastings & Hastings.

Why Choose Hastings & Hastings?

The lawyer that you choose to represent you or your family can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. In brain injury cases specifically, it is vitally important that your attorney maximizes your financial compensation. Brain injuries can affect a victim’s life in profound and far-reaching ways. If your attorney does not understand how to properly assess the injury, the impact on your life, and your needs moving forward, you may end up with a settlement that is woefully inadequate. At Hastings & Hastings, our Phoenix brain injury lawyers have significant experience handling cases involving mild and traumatic brain injuries. We know how to build strong cases for our clients to maximize the compensation that they receive. Our attorneys handle all brain injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no fees unless we win.

Common Types of Brain Injuries

There are several types of brain injuries. There is a closed head injury. It occurs from a blow to the head that does no cause the skull to fracture or break. It also does not cause the brain tissue itself to become pierced. However, it can cause swelling and bruising to the brain. An open head injury is an injury that opens or fractures the skull. It can also result in the brain being penetrated. It can also cause bleeding from the brain.

From here, the most common brain injuries include and are not limited to:

  • A concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury, also referred to as a TBI
  • Brain hypoxia
  • Contusion
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Diffuse axonal injury
  • Brain swelling

What Are the Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Phoenix?

Some of the most common causes of brain injuries in Phoenix occur because of the negligence of another person. These occurrences include:

What Is Considered a Serious Brain Injury?

A severe brain injury is defined as a condition when the person was unconscious for at least six hours or remained in a state of post-traumatic amnesia for a minimum of 24 hours. Statistics show that individuals who are diagnosed with a serious or severe brain injury are more likely to require hospitalization or ongoing rehab after their initial treatment has finished. Bleeding on the brain is an example of a serious brain injury.

Free Consult: Hastings & Hastings Phoenix Brain Injury Attorneys

When you or someone you love is impacted by a brain injury because of another person’s negligence, it creates a very scary and uncertain future. The entire family is affected. The experienced Phoenix brain injury attorneys of Hastings & Hastings have a long, proud history of assisting victims and their families in getting the financial compensation that they deserve. We believe that our clients have the job of focusing on their recovery. It is our job to help our clients get the financial compensation they need. Schedule your free consultation now.