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Despite being known as man’s best friend, dog attacks can happen at any time and cause significant and lasting injury. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, contact Animal Control and seek medical attention immediately. After you have assessed your situation, it is important to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer in Phoenix to aid in the investigation and documentation of your injury.

Here at Hastings and Hastings, we understand how painful a dog bite injury can be. Not only are you physically injured, but you will also be dealing with the emotional damage caused by the event. If you have been bit or attacked by a dog, call Hastings and Hastings today. We will fight hard to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve!

Phoenix Dog Bite Lawyer

Do You Need a Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney?

Many dog bites are absolutely devastating from a physical perspective. We’ve all read and watched the news stories of both children and adults requiring serious medical care because of dog attacks. Yet, dog bites can also cause permanent mental scarring as well. In addition to handling the on-going medical care and mental care, you also have a lot on your plate when it comes to finding and dealing with the dog owner. And what if the dog is considered “at large” (stray or roaming freely and you don’t know who the dog owner is)? What if you know who the owner is and they just refuse to talk to you?

A Phoenix dog bite attorney such as the experienced team at Hastings and Hastings can help you by:

  • Allowing you to focus only on recovery
  • Focusing on proving liability
  • Focusing on proving that you did not go out of your way to provoke the dog
  • Ensuring that your medical records are received and match your claim
  • Ensuring that your claim and all supporting documentation is filed before the statute of limitation

It’s Important to Speak With an Attorney As Soon as Possible

In most cases, it is the owner of the dog who is responsible for compensating you. In Arizona, a dog bite is typically a strict liability situation. This means that the dog owner, with a few exceptions, is always liable for the damage their dog causes. The liability of the dog owner is usually paid through their renters or homeowners insurance.

It is important to understand that in the state of Arizona, there is a statute of limitations for dog bite cases. In most situations, you only have one year before that statute runs out, which is only half the time of a typical injury claim’s statute of limitations. This means that you must document your injury as completely and thoroughly as possible before one year’s time from the date of the dog bite. This makes selecting an attorney essential, as you need to have someone who is familiar with dog-bite situations and how to document what may be a permanent injury as a result of someone else’s dog.

At Hastings & Hastings, you will meet with a licensed dog bite attorney, not a paralegal or “intake coordinator,” thus providing you with someone who completely understands your situation and can best pursue your legal remedies.

Contact our Phoenix dog bite lawyers at 480-706-1100 as soon as possible.

What Does the Law Say about Dog Bites in Phoenix?

In Arizona, dog bite laws are based on a legal concept known as strict liability. This means that the owner of the dog is held legally responsible for any injuries caused by their dog regardless of whether they knew their dog would bite or attack someone and regardless of whether they attacked in a manner that was negligent.

It does not matter under Arizona Revised Statutes if the dog and the person who is bitten is “on a public place or lawfully in or on a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog.” If the person whom the dog bites is lawfully on the premises, the dog owner is responsible.

If you or someone you love is bitten by a dog, schedule a free case review with Hastings and Hastings. We’re here to help.

Evidence Needed For a Successful Dog Bite Claim

Dog bites can result in severe injuries and emotional trauma. When someone is bitten by a dog, the law typically holds the owner responsible for the damages sustained. Even though it’s a strict liability law, it’s still essential to have evidence to prove the bite happened and to show what your damages are. Some important pieces of evidence that can be presented include the following:

Witness Statements

If there were witnesses to the dog bite incident, their statements can be valuable evidence to support your claim, as their account of the event can confirm the dog attacked you and describe the dog’s behavior and its owner’s reaction. 

Medical Records

Medical records are essential for a successful dog bite claim. They are essentially needed to show the nature and extent of your injuries and how much you’ve suffered. When bitten by a dog, it is important to seek medical attention the same day, as this will be strong evidence that the bite was serious. Your medical records should include all medical expenses incurred in treatment, diagnostic tests required, and therapy sessions.


Taking pictures of the injuries and the scene can help establish the cause and extent of the damage caused by the dog bite. Photos of the injury should be taken immediately after the incident and throughout the healing process to document the severity of the injuries. 

Dog Ownership Evidence

The owner of the dog is typically the one who is legally responsible for the actions of their pet. If you’re not sure who owns the dog, make an effort to obtain the information. This can be achieved by getting the owner’s identity from the dog’s tag or possibly a microchip. It is important to have evidence of the dog’s ownership to ensure you can proceed with your dog bite claim.

Police Reports

If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to request that police officers come to the scene so they can complete a report. The police report provides crucial documentation of the incident with details of what happened and can provide reinforcement for any civil lawsuit you file due to the injury.

Collecting evidence in the aftermath of a dog bite is an invaluable step toward building a solid claim so you can obtain the compensation you need to get on the road to recovery.

Compensation That Can Be Recovered in a Dog Bite Claim

Dog bites can be a traumatic and painful experience, causing physical injury, emotional distress, and financial burden. If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, it’s important to know you have the right to obtain compensation. This commonly comes in the following forms:

Medical Expenses: One of the most important forms of compensation that can be recovered in a dog bite claim is the cost of medical expenses. This includes current and future medical bills, such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation. 

Lost Wages: If the dog bite caused you to miss work or interfered with your ability to earn a living, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. This includes past, present, and future earnings that were lost due to the injury. 

Pain and Suffering: Dog bites can cause not only physical pain, but also emotional and psychological suffering. Compensation for pain and suffering can be recovered for the mental anguish, fear, anxiety, and trauma resulting from the dog bite. This type of compensation is more difficult to quantify than medical expenses or lost wages and may require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to determine the appropriate amount.

Property Damage: In some cases, a dog bite can also cause damage to personal property such as clothing, accessories, or other items that were torn or destroyed during the attack.

It’s vital for those suffering from dog bite injuries to understand the compensation options at their disposal under the law.

Insurance and Dog Bites

While both homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies do typically cover dog bites up to the amount of coverage taken out by the policyholder, there are a couple of issues to keep in mind. The first is that not all homeowners or renters will necessarily have a policy that covers their dog. Some breeds are specifically excluded or they may not have covered their pet. Another issue is dogs “at large” or dogs that people claim aren’t theirs and that they are just “pet sitting.” Another crucial issue ends up being when the insurance company doesn’t want to fairly compensate you for your injury. Hastings and Hastings can help. Schedule your free consultation now.

Common Causes of Dog Bite Cases

There are many different situations that could result in dog bite injuries. Below are a few of the most common situations. If you find yourself in one of them, it is important to seek legal help quickly.

Dog Is Not On A Leash

Many dog bites happen when the owner fails to leash aggressive pets. When a dog is not properly socialized, they can be aggressive, especially to strangers. Lots of people at dog parks have been attacked because the owner of the animal has failed to train them. Some areas have leash laws that require dogs to be on the leash at all times, even at dog parks.

Dog Is Not Properly Secured

If a dog is not secured properly they can get out and potentially harm someone. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to make sure their pet is safely secured at all times. This is even more important if the dog has been known to be aggressive.

Property Damage Resulting In Escape

When a dog is in a property owner’s yard there should be a fence keeping them in. But if that fence becomes damaged the dog may be able to get out and bite someone. It is always the responsibility of the dog owner to make sure that all fences are free of damage and strong enough to keep their pet inside.

Common Types of Injuries From Dog Bites

Many people think that dog bites are no big deal. Sure, they hurt, but beyond that, what’s the big deal? Unfortunately, this isn’t at all true. A dog bite can actually lead to serious injuries and financial consequences, and having an understanding of this is helpful as it will allow you to understand when you might have a legal claim if you’re ever in this situation. Some of the most common types of injuries related to dog bites include the following:

Puncture Wounds: Dogs’ teeth are sharp, and when they bite, they often puncture the skin, leading to deep wounds that can be painful and dangerous. Puncture wounds tend to be deep and narrow, and some may require stitches to close. They are also more prone to trapping bacteria or other contaminants inside the wound.

Infectious Diseases: Dogs can transmit a variety of infectious diseases, including rabies, tetanus, and bacterial infections like Pasteurella, which can cause fever, pain, and even death.

Nerve Damage: Nerve damage occurs when the bite damages or stretches the nerves. This can result in numbness, tingling, weakness, or even paralysis. Nerve damage can also lead to chronic pain. In some cases, surgery may be required to repair the damage, if possible.

Infection: Dog bites can easily become infected due to the bacteria in a dog’s mouth. Symptoms of a dog bite infection may include redness, swelling, pain, and fever. In severe cases, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and cause sepsis. 

Disfigurement: In some cases, a dog bite can cause permanent scarring or disfigurement. This can be especially traumatic if the injury is to the face or another visible area.

PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological injury that can result from a traumatic event, such as a dog bite. Symptoms of PTSD may include flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, depression, and avoidance behaviors. 

A dog attack can be a traumatic experience, and being aware of the common types of injuries associated with dog bites can help you recognize when medical attention is needed. 

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