auto accident injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

Experience Matters

Today, many people own and operate motor vehicles and the chances of being involved in an accident are more likely than we all might hope.

No matter the kind of the car, truck or motorcycle you drive, if you get into an accident, injury often occurs.  When this happens, hiring an experienced personal injury law firm is the most important decision you can make.

Hastings & Hastings has been a household name in Arizona for personal injury lawyers since 1981. We have the experience and reputation that can help you when dealing with the insurance company and fighting the tactics they may utilize to try to minimize the value of the motor vehicle accident, as well as your injuries. We fight for you against the insurance companies so you can focus on what matters most: healing and getting better for you and your family.

Property Damage and Personal Injury

While a personal injury settlement is separate than a property damage settlement (fixing your car), they are very much related. Getting a proper estimate and returning your vehicle to a pre-accident state is essential to demonstrate how much true damage was done to a vehicle. This also aids in showing how you were injured. Insurance companies often “low ball” a client’s property damage in an effort to try to minimize and even eliminate a client’s personal injury claim. This is why, at Hastings & Hastings, we always recommend that you speak to an attorney before dealing with the insurance company, even if your dealings are only related to the vehicle damage.

At Hastings & Hastings we understand that car accidents can cause all types of injuries. These injuries can range from neck and back pain, to much more severe and permanent injuries, or in the worst case — a fatality. Hastings & Hastings offers over 150 years of combined legal experience in handling all types of accident injuries and we urge you to call now to schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney, not a paralegal.

What To Do After An Accident

No one expects to be in an accident. They usually happen fast and without warning. One minute you’re fine, enjoying another sunny day in Phoenix, and the next everything seems different. Many victims are in shock, or are at least not their usual selves. When you’re not thinking clearly, it can be easy to make simple mistakes.

If you’ve been in a car accident or motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Casa Grande or anywhere in Arizona, you may need to file a personal injury claim to recover medical costs and other expenses related to the incident. You may not even realize you’ve been injured until days after the accident occurs. If and when it comes time for a trial, everything you did after the accident will be called into question. It’s important to understand how the other side can look at someone’s behavior and use it against them.

How to Weaken Your Personal Injury Lawsuit: A Guide To What You Should Never Do

1. Post About the Accident on Social Media

Posting about your life on social media can seem like routine. And maybe you feel safe because your accounts are set to private. However, once you’ve been in a car or motorcycle accident, insurance adjustors can gain access to your private posts, as they are still considered public under the law. No matter how harmless the post may seem to you, it’s essential that you post nothing about the accident on social media.

2. Don’t Bother Calling the Police

When the police arrive at the scene, they create an official report. This report is one of the most basic pieces of evidence in a personal injury trial. You may feel confused at the scene and the other party may not want to involve the police, but it is always the best idea to call and have an official report made. The officers are experienced in looking for the common signs of fault in an accident.

3. Don’t Seek Medical Treatment

When you are in shock, it’s hard to realize you are in shock, let alone feel the full extent of what is happening inside your body. Seeking proper medical care and telling them the full truth of how you feel is essential for both your health and a potential personal injury lawsuit.

4. Don’t Consult an Experienced, Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

Consulting a personal injury attorney in Phoenix after an auto accident is the best way to successfully file and win a personal injury case. You’ve been through enough stress with the accident and everything that has followed. A personal injury lawyer is experienced with the court system and understands what needs to happen now. Having someone you trust on your side removes the stress and ensures you have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

At Hastings and Hastings, helping accident injury victims is all we do.  Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION to see if you have a case. When your case settles, our discount fee puts more money in YOUR pocket. Most attorneys charge 33% or higher and try to sell gimmicks that promise you quick checks.  Don’t settle for less: call, chat or text Hastings and Hastings today.

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