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“Slip & Falls,” or Premises Liability, claims are cases in which you may have been injured on someone else’s property.

These cases can be extremely difficult and require a trained legal mind to assess how, and if, you have a case to pursue against the property owner.

At Hastings & Hastings, you will meet with a slip and fall accident injury attorney, who is legally trained and has passed the State Bar of Arizona, not a paralegal who may not completely understand how to document and prove your premises liability case. Please contact us immediately to see if we can help you with your Slip & Fall/Premises Liability case.

Remember, at Hastings and Hastings you will ALWAYS meet with a licensed Arizona injury attorney for your FREE initial consultation. Only a licensed car accident attorney can give you legal advice to help you navigate your case!   This is one way other firms cut corners to increase THEIR bottom line.  At Hastings and Hastings, for over 40 years we have been doing things the right way, not the easy way, all at a DISCOUNT FEE! Don’t settle for anything less.  Contact The Discount Accident Lawyers® at Hastings and Hastings today.

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