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Essential Riding Gear Every Motorcyclist Should Consider

December 17, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Essential Riding Gear Every Motorcyclist Should Consider

Enjoying the pleasures of operating in motorcycle on the open highway can sometimes be dashed by unexpected hazards, accidents and serious injuries. One of the ways to greatly reduce the chances of encountering hazards or experiencing serious injury is to make use of the latest and most effective types of motorcycle protective gear. Considering these essential riding gear strategies can greatly reduce the chances of injury or accident.

Flying Debris And Cold Air

Perhaps top on the list when it comes to highly effective gear for protecting a motorcycle rider is the helmet. Considered by many to be the most essential piece of gear for protecting the head from serious injuries, a helmet also protects from windblast, flying debris and cold air. To achieve the greatest effect when it comes to choosing a helmet, motorcyclist riders should consider a full-face helmet as a way to enjoy the greatest level of protection possible.

Reduce The Incidence Of Road Rash

Equally important to consider when choosing gear for riding a motorcycle is quality gloves. Protecting the hands from exposure to the elements is best achieved through wearing quality gloves. In addition, gloves afford the added protection that a rider would require if coming into contact with the road surface. In short, gloves can greatly reduce the incidence of road rash and other serious injuries associated with making contact with the road surface. In addition, jackets and pants can go a long way in protecting riders. Long sleeve shirts and long pants can effectively protect motorcyclists from sunburn, windburn and road rash.

Effective Gripping Action On Foot Pegs

Best of all, a lightly colored or reflective jacket or vest can greatly increase the visibility of a motorcyclist during the day and at night. Finally, boots are an essential and important riding accessory that every motorcyclist should seriously consider. From protecting the feet and ankles from serious injuries to providing better and more effective gripping action on foot pegs and the road surface, boots have many important functions that simply cannot be ignored. Considering these basic and essential riding accessories can make a big difference in the overall level of safety that a motorcyclist enjoys on a daily basis when operating on the open roads and highways. Contact Hastings and Hastings for experienced and focused personal injury law in Phoenix Arizona for motorcycle riders today.