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Back To School Safety Tips For Children That Walk To School

November 20, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Back To School Safety Tips For Children That Walk To School

Each year tens of thousands of children return back to school like clockwork. With that said, it is worth considering several important safety tips intended to keep children safe while walking to school. Generally speaking, those who live in close proximity to school will find that walking is typically the most convenient way of getting back and forth to school. As such, taking safety precautions to ensure children are always safe when walking is essential.

Safety Advantage

One excellent safety tip for children who walk to school is to walk in a group as much as possible. When children are grouped together and led by an adult, the safety factor rises exponentially. Children should also be taught to walk on the sidewalk when one is available in route to school. While there is no “correct side” of the sidewalk, children should be instructed to walk facing oncoming traffic as a way to gain the greatest safety advantage. Children should also be taught that crossing a street should be done at an intersection.

Logic And Comprehension

As an added note, ensuring children under the age of ten never cross a street without the guidance of an adult is a good idea. It is a known fact that younger children simply do not have the logic and comprehension necessary to safely navigate streets and roads on their own. Children should also be instructed on the importance of never darting out in front of a parked vehicle. This sets the stage for a dangerous situation where the driver of an automobile will simply not be able to see a child as they emerge between parked cars.

Stop And Look

Equally important is to ensure children do not run in an environment where automobiles are present. Getting the message across to kids that walking when around intersections, roads, parking lots and other locations is vital to maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times. Running increases the likelihood of being struck by a vehicle and also increases the chances of falling and becoming injured. Finally, teaching children to always stop and look in every direction for cars prior to stepping off of the curb is a smart practice. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about a focused and experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney that offers discounted fees to clients.