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3 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Car Insurance

February 24, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

There are several unavoidable expenses in life. You need a place to live, you need food to eat, you probably need a car to drive and insurance so that you will be allowed to drive. This doesn’t leave much money left over for fun stuff. By minimize your necessary expenses you maximize the amount of money you have available for discretionary expenses. Follow Hastings & Hastings 3 tips for getting the best deal on car insurance.

1.Shop Around

Never take the first deal, even if it seems perfect. You don’t know what else is out there.Use your network to hunt out the best insurance companies in town. Ask your local body shop, check in with a friendly personal injury attorney, inquire at a doctor’s office or call a chiropractor. These are people who work closely with insurance companies on daily basis. If they have a good relationship with someone they trust, you could hit the jackpot!

  1. Know Insurance Language

Sure, insurance language is based on English but is seems pretty strange and unfamiliar until you spend some time learning about it. They more you know, the better equipped you will be to find the best deal. Know the differences between a premium and a deductible. Know how comprehensive coverage differs from collision coverage. Be able to talk with your potential insurance agent as an equal.

  1. Choose the Right Coverage

Don’t opt into coverage options that you do not need. If your family already has two cars, you might not need a rental car in the event of an accident. Take the rental car option off of your policy. You just saved $150 a year. Note, opting for the bare minimum coverage could leave you vulnerable in the event of an accident.