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4 Common Road Hazards

January 11, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

One of the most common causes car accidents are road hazards. By learning about common road hazards and how they contribute to accidents, we can hopefully learn how to best avoid them. Spotting hazards ahead of time is almost always your best option. You should also practice defensive driving, while sticking to the speed limit. Today we will look at 4 common road hazards.

1) Construction Sites

If you live in a city, you are probably more than familiar with construction sites. They constrict traffic, extend commutes, and cause accidents. Additionally, penalties for receiving a ticket in a construction zone are often harsher than in non-construction zones. Construction zones often cause traffic to slow expectantly, resulting in rear-end accidents. Before your commute, check traffic conditions. As always pay attention and drive the speed limit.

2) Pot Holes

Deep pot holes can damage cars and cause accidents. According to GPS data, an estimated 55 million potholes form each year in the United States. Even trying to avoid a pot hole can cause an accident. Sometimes they are even difficult to spot! To avoid these insidious little road hazards, keep your eyes peeled and travel at a low speed.

3) Accidents

One of the top 10 causes of accidents in the United States, is other accidents. Americans have a fascination with wrecks. Avoid rubbernecking at all cost. It slows traffic and causes you to behave erratically. Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and move on. We guarantee you, even a brief glance isn’t worth it.

4) Results of Inclement Weather

This is category is a bit of a catchall, but bad weather causes a large amount of accidents each year. Patches of ice, and puddles of water are the worst culprits. We aware of the conditions of the road, and drive accordingly. If you do lose control of your car, do not panic and over correct. Do not slam on the breaks. Slow down gradually and attempt to regain control of the vehicle.