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4 “Don’ts” for a Better 2016

March 21, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

“Do’s” and “don’ts”, two sides of a single coin. In our last blog, we gave you four pieces of advice, four “do’s” to help you improve your 2016. It today’s blog, we will look at improving your 2016 from the other side. Eliminating bad habits and make a profound impact on your life! In today’s blog, we will learn about four “don’ts” you should consider this year.

  1. Overwork Yourself

This year, make it a goal to avoid overworking yourself. It is very easy to get caught up in wild chaos of life and spread yourself too thin. You have worked obligations, family, friends, and a myriad of other responsibilities. If you overwork yourself, you risk things falling through the cracks. It can take a toll on your health and mental wellbeing as well!

  1. Stress Out

Speaking of health and mental wellbeing, do what you can to avoid stressing out this year. Stress has been linked to awide range of health concerns. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to manage. The conundrum is: stressing about stress leads to more stress! Easing your workload will help. We recommend trying out the app Headspace, which can be a powerful tool for helping you clear your mind and eliminate stress.

  1. Neglect Vehicle Maintenance

In 2016, don’t neglect your vehicle maintenance. We know if is often difficult to find time to bring your car into the mechanics, especially if it does not have any immediate problems. Regular vehicles maintenance will extend the life of your car and help you avoid annoying things like breakdowns. Plan ahead and schedule out 2-3 days a year to bring your car in for standard maintenance. It making this small commitment could save you time and money in the long run.