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4 Essential Tips for Becoming a Better Motorcyclist

January 4, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Just yesterday we discussed a few common types of motorcycle accidents and went over the best ways to avoid them. Another way to stay safe on the road is by improving your overall skill as a motorcycle rider. There are always little small things you can do to improve. Today we are going to look at our 4 essential tips for becoming a better motorcyclist.

1) Develop a Sense of Calm

When you get anxious, worried, or upset, you start making mistakes. The more calm and focused you are, the more in control of your bike you will be. You are not going to develop this sense of calm overnight. In fact, it may take years to establish. If you ever feel yourself starting to get anxious or worried on your bike, take a few deep breathes, and try to refocus yourself.

2) Ride in Open Space

You are small and maneuverable. Try to ride in open spaces in traffic as often as possible. Avoid getting hemmed in on all sides by larger, less maneuverable vehicles. This will also help keep you out of the blinds spots of larger vehicles, which is a very dangerous place to be in.

3) Over-signal

The clearer you can be with your intentions on the road, the better. Use your turn signal before every maneuver. Signal with your hand and look in the direction you wish to turn. Give other drivers on the road time to observe your actions before you do anything.

4) Learn to Scan

Never focus on one section of road for more than a second or two. Keep your head on a swivel. You want to be taking in as much information regarding your surroundings as possible. Every decision you make when riding your motorcycle could have consequences. You want to keep scanning your surroundings so you can see what is coming, and react accordingly.