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5 Smartphone Apps for Lawyers (Part Two)

March 6, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Modern technology has had a transformative impact on nearly every major industry in the world. Even thousand-year-old professionals like carpentry have been affected by the technological renaissance. The legal profession has been no exception. Gone are the days of dusty legal libraries and paperwork stacked 5 feet high (now it is only stacked 2 feet high). The days of smartphones and apps have arrived. Without further ado, let’s learn about a few more smartphone apps which can improve the life of a lawyer.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary (iPad, iPhone and Android, $54.99)

Black’s Law Dictionary is widely considered to be the most frequently cited law book in the entire world. There is just one drawback – it is massive! No one wants to carry around massive, weighty tome these days, and because of the Black’s Law Dictionary app, they don’t have too. It brings over 45,000 termsstraight to the screen of your smartphone. It is perfect for both seasoned lawyers and law school students alike.

  1. TimeMaster (iPad and iPhone, $9.99)

For lawyers who bill by the hour, TimeMaster can quickly become an essential app. It can help you track billable hours while on the go, down to the last minute. Often many small tasks bleed together, one coming after the next. With TimeMaster you can hop back and forth between task for different clients without losing a second.

  1. Cam Scanner Phone PDF Creator (iPad, iPhone, Android)

Even though the world is going digital, we still seem to leave paper trails everywhere we go. This is particularly true in the legal professional where paperwork is required to do anything. The Cam Scanner Phone PDF Creator helps the lawyer on the go move seamlessly between working digitally and working with real, physical paper.