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6 Cunning and Essential Negotiation Tactics (Part Two)

March 23, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Welcome back to our serious of blogs on cunning and essential negotiation tactics. These are skills which could benefit you across many walks of life. If you are hired on at a new job and are entering into salary talks, you can rely on these negotiation tactics. If you are purchasing a new car from a dealership, these negotiation tactics could be your ace in the hole. Becoming skilled at negotiations takes time and practice, but knowing these 6 essential tactics will give you a leg up.

  1. Make Your Mark

Don’t be afraid to make the first offer, and don’t be afraid to make it high. This is sometimes called “dropping the anchor” in the business field. Even if your opening offer is way too high, it is still out there. The person you are negotiating with will have to move from there. It will also show you place a good deal of value on what you are negotiating over.

  1. Connect Personally

Typically, there are two ways people begin negotiations, either they move directly to the point, or they attempt to “schmooze” the person they are negotiating with. This means they attempt to get in the good graces of their opponent by cozying up to them through conversation. The ideal negotiation tactic falls somewhere in the middle. It is important to come off professionally, but if you can connect on a personal level with your negotiation partner, they may be inclined to side with you.

  1. Know the Context

It is vital that you know the context of your negotiations. Is this a one-off negotiation or a more extended affair? What are the stakes of the negotiation? If you are negotiating the price of a car and there are other dealerships in town, you can feel free to press things. If you are entering into salary talks with a potential employer, it is important to keep in mind, you will be working with these people, you may not want to push them too far.