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8 Tips for Keeping Your Car on the Road (Part One)

February 1, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

We all have that friend or family member who has been driving the same car for well over a decade. When we see them pull into the driveway behind the wheel of that indescribable 280,000 mile 1999 Honda Civic, we are filled with some strange mix of revulsion, dread, intrigue and jealousy. Here is an individual who hasn’t made a car payment in nearly 12 years. Here is an individual who has the art of car care and maintenance mastered. Here is an individual who knows their car almost as well as the know themselves. So, how did this person get like this? After all, you want to make car payments a thing of the past as well, don’t you? Just follow Hastings & Hastings 8 tips for keeping your car on the road.

  1. Frequent Oil Changes

If your engine is like the heart of your car, than oil is like its lifeblood. Nothing will help your engine last longer than frequent oil changes. And on the flip side, nothing will send your car to an early grave quite like neglecting to change its oil. You can learn to change your oil on your own, or you can bring the vehicle in to a professional. Follow your manufacturers recommended guidelines when determining how often to get oil changes. Err on the side of more frequently.

  1. Change Air Filters

We just compared your car’s oil to the blood in the body, so we will keep that analogy going. Just as we need air to breathe, so too does your car. Your car sucks in a lot of air during the normal course of operation. Air filters are designed to keep impurities and particulates out. Over time they become dirty and need to be replaced. You should be able to tell if your air filter needs to be changed just by looking at it. You should check at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles.