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Addressing The Negative Effects Of Drowsy Driving

November 5, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Addressing The Negative Effects Of Drowsy Driving

Statistically speaking, drowsy driving is most commonly found among shift workers and those with sleep disorders as well as young drivers that range in age from 16 to 29. The occurrence of drowsy driving is more frequent in male drivers as compared to female drivers. Crashes associated with drowsy sleeping are typically characterized by accidents where a single vehicle exits the roadway and loses control. Most crashes happen during the mid afternoon, early morning or evening.

High Speed

Another characteristic of drowsy driving accidents is they are typically more serious and more catastrophic than other types of accidents involving automobiles. Many of the accidents that are the result of drowsy driving occur at high speed and are typically “loss of control” accidents where the driver makes no attempt to control the vehicle or avoid the crash. Another common characteristic of a drowsy driving accident is that most drivers are usually alone in the vehicle when an accident happens.

Driving Skills

Drowsy driving is typically caused by everything from the consumption of alcohol to the use of pharmaceutical drugs and sedatives as well as severe sleep deprivation. Young drivers are more susceptible to drowsy type driving related accidents. This is often due to a lack of experience and the fact that young drivers are often out during late hours of the night. In addition, many young drivers choose to experiment in terms of their driving skills and will typically take more risks. For example, rather than pulling over and getting rest, a young driver may choose to continue to their destination regardless of how tired they may actually be.

Frequent Breaks

Those who can be expected to be most susceptible to drowsy driving accidents are those with sleep disorders and shift workers. The good news is there are many simple and effective ways of reducing the chances of being involved in an accident or collision as a result of driving drowsy. Avoiding alcohol and avoiding driving between the hours of midnight and 6am in the morning can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in this type of accident. Finally, drinking a few cups of coffee and taking frequent breaks can reduce the chances of losing control of a vehicle due to being overly tired. Contact Hastings & Hastings for Phoenix personal injury attorney services for those that have been involved in an accident that was no fault of their own.