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Against Drinking and Driving

August 29, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Other than the fact that drinking and driving is illegal and you could possibly go to jail for it, it should be avoided entirely for the sake of your fellow citizens’ welfare. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. It accounts for thousands of serious accidents each year that result in catastrophic injuries or death. If you choose to drink, here is how to do it right.

Relinquish the Keys

If you are in a social setting, the smartest thing you can do is give up your keys to a family member, friend, or significant other. Tell them you want to avoid drinking and driving at all costs and therefore they have full authority over your keys for the rest of the night. Keep in mind though that once you relinquish your keys it becomes the person responsible for them that takes responsibility for anything that happens involving your vehicle. 


Although this is generally desired by thirteen year old girls, a sleepover is a great way to avoid a DUI and protect the community. If you plan to celebrate with your friends and get hammered, it is wise to have a room reserved at your friend’s house or even a hotel. What’s more, this will result in even more fun socializing because the task of driving home will not loom over your head. 

Use a Cab, Ride Share, or Uber

Although cabs can be expensive, they will ultimately save you money in the long run. Sure a cab ride could cost an outrageous $50 dollar fair. This is much better, however, than a $2,500 minimum fine, legal fees, possible jail time, and possible loss of employment. 

Walk, take a bus, a train, call a designated driver.  Just Don’t Drink and Drive!