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Apartment Building And Dormitory Safety Tips

March 29, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Apartment Building And Dormitory Safety Tips

Living in the apartment building or dormitory presents unique safety concerns that should always be considered. For example, knowing where the nearest exit or stairwell is located in an apartment building is perhaps one of the most pressing elements of overall safety. Being trapped in a dwelling or an apartment when a fire is in progress can result in smoke inhalation related injuries or loss of life.

Enclosed Or Confined Space Such As An Elevator

Experts also recommend that those living in an apartment never use an elevator if confronted with a fire. Subjecting one’s self to an enclosed or confined space such as an elevator during a fire is a sure way to create added danger. Always opt for the stairwell or stairway when exiting a burning building. Those living in an apartment or dormitory should consult with building management to determine the best evacuation procedures if fire is encountered. Even the local fire departments can offer useful information in this regard.

Simply For The Asking

As a matter of fact, many local fire departments offer a variety of safety training courses that are usually free of charge. This is an excellent way to learn more about fire prevention and fire safety around the home, an apartment or in a dormitory setting. Fire department personnel are often even able to visit a location to conduct a general fire safety inspection. Simply for the asking, many fire departments will be more than happy to offer assistance to those who are concerned about the potential for fire. Staying safe and avoiding fire related injury is as simple as being proactive when it comes to safety training and fire prevention.

Being Able To Navigate A Building Successfully

Finally, those living in an apartment or a dormitory should know in advance the number of doors that are between a living space and the stairway. This is important because when a raging fire is in progress thick black-smoke will make it virtually impossible to see the exit path. Knowing how many doors must be transited in order to exit a building can save lives. Being able to navigate a building successfully when visibility has been reduced to zero is an important and necessary element of fire safety. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury attorney in Phoenix Arizona with years of dedicated experience.