When it comes to vehicle accidents, Arizona is not immune. Each year thousands of people are affected by auto crashes. Some even lose their lives. While the number of auto accidents is down in 2018 compared to 2016 and 2017, there are still far too many crashes on Arizona roadways. In 2018, the state witnessed 127,056 automobile accidents.

Of those involved in motor vehicle accidents in 2018, (1,010) never got to go home again. These tragic events, sadly, have taken far too many lives. Not only did these people lost their lives but another 36,507 also got injured. This bring the total of injuries caused by accidents on the roadways to 53,376 for the year 2018.

Today, we are going to dive deeper into Arizona crash statistics and learn just how big of an impact auto accidents have on the residents of this state. These statistics will show you first hand the dangers of navigating our state’s roads. This awareness will help you avoid some of the common mistakes that can lead to a dangerous and potentially deadly accident, so make sure you pay close attention to the information below.

Accident Statistics Overview

The Arizona Department of Transportation does an excellent job of keeping up with auto accident statistics. You can learn more about the 2018 statistics by visiting this yearly publication. Below are some quick facts that we pulled from this report from ADOT. This will give you a better idea of what actually goes on in your state of Arizona.

2018 Quick Crash Facts

  • Alcohol-Related Crashes: 4,651
  • Rural Crashes: 22,652
  • Urban Crashes: 104,404
  • Pedestrian-Related Crashes: 1,764
  • Pedal-Cycle Crashes: 1,279
  • Motorcycle Crashes: 2,738

Alcohol Related Fatal Accident Statistics

Sadly, many fatal accidents that occur in the state of Arizona are caused by drunk drivers. These careless individuals have taken the lives of thousands over the years. According to Arizona crash statistics, the number of fatalities involving impaired driving accidents is 242 for the year 2018 alone. This is a truly shocking number when you factor in all those affected by these senseless deaths.

Urban Areas Are More Deadly Than Rural Areas

As you may have already know, urban areas of the state have seen far more fatal crashes in 2018 than in rural areas. This is simply because there are more cars on the roads in cities than in small towns. The number of fatal urban accidents for 2018 was 536 and the number of fatal accidents in rural areas was 380. However, this does not mean that you are immune to fatal accidents just because you live or work in rural areas of the state. The truth is, fatal accidents can occur without warning in all parts of Arizona.

Holiday Related Fatal Accident Statistics

The holidays are joyful times of the year. Unfortunately, it can be a tragic time for many. During the holidays, many families hit the road. They travel near and far to be with their loved ones. This increase of traffic combined with holiday celebrations can sometimes lead to fatalities on our roadways. During Christmas and New Year holidays, the total number of people that died on the roadways in Arizona in 2018 came to 21. These deaths could not come at a worst time for families.

Notable Crash Victim Statistics

To get a better idea of the human cost of crashes, we have put together some notable statistics below. While not all of these statistics involve deaths, they have a huge impact on the lives of Arizona state residents.

  • 20,800 people got injured in crashes that were related to speeding
  • 281 people were killed due to speed-related crashes
  • 280 people were killed while wearing using safety devices
  • 290 people were killed while not using safety devices

Economic Losses Related To Vehicle Crashes

While the loss of a loved one is the highest price you will ever pay when dealing with an auto accident, there is also economic loss. The total economic loss in the state of Arizona comes to $19.3 billion dollars. Below we will take a deeper look at were the economic loss hits the hardest.

  • Property Damage: $971,532,087
  • Fatalities: $9,638,070,440
  • Suspected Serious Injuries: $2,012,858,265
  • Suspected Minor Injuries: $3,790,331,370
  • Possible Injuries: $2,935,858,662

Maricopa County has had the biggest economic impact in all of the state. It has suffered a loss of $11,374,012,434 which is a staggering amount! This amount of economic loss is broken down below.

  • Fatalities: $4.7 billion
  • Injuries: $5.9 billion
  • Property Damage: $730 million

Peak Crash Dates and Times 2018

Certain dates and times can affect the frequency of crashes both serious and minor. During the month of October, the state of Arizona sees the most accidents. Friday was the day of the week that most crashes occurred. The peak time for deadly accidents is between 8 P.M. And 9 P.M. The day that saw the most accidents of the year was Valentine’s Day which had 611 crashes.

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