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Silliness Amidst the Legal System

August 22, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

The legal system is for the most part a highly evolved airtight system. But there are a few components of our justice system that can be considered superfluous or even absurd. On the flipside of the coin though, some of the disputes, issues, or transgressions that make their way to the legal system are equally as absurd and generally more amusing. Here are a few notable mentions:

Man Arrested for Constructing Aeronautical Device Similar to the Movie “UP”

A Canadian man tied 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair so he could jump out of it over a Calgary Stampede as a publicity stunt (he had a parachute.) He was however charged with “mischief.” One might argue that the man’s balloon device was a risk to air traffic. The police reported that the man would be charged under the Aeronautics Act. However, this seems a bit excessive and hopefully any charges against this peculiar individual will be dropped. 

Man Robs a Bank with Sex Toy

For the sake of censorship, there’s no need to delve into the specifics of this bizarre robbery. But one obviously wants to know how the bank robber managed to convince a teller to empty a safe equipped merely with an erotic toy. It turns out that he duct taped some cables to the sex toy to make it look like a bomb. Interesting indeed. 

Burglary Involving a Baked Potato

This is another interesting phenomenon. A New Mexico man broke into a home to make a baked potato. The homeowner entered the kitchen armed with a weapon only to find a stranger microwaving a baked potato. The homeowner asked the assailant what he was doing in his home, to which the burglar responded, “making a potato.” The man then wiped down the countertop before the authorities hauled him off to jail, perplexed of course.