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Attorney Successfully Defends $65 Dollar Parking Ticket but Pays it Anyways

June 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

In Easton Pennsylvania, District Attorney John Morganelli beats a $65 dollar parking ticket. However, he opted to pay in order to make a point. Morganelli claims he intentionally refused to put coins in a parking meter in order to test the waters. He was concerned that the city was illegally towing low ticket vehicles, and he wanted to find out if these claims were true. The county’s court agreed that this was a legitimate defense, but Morganelli chose to pay the ticket instead, claiming that he didn’t want the public to believe that his position as a District Attorney of Northampton County granted him special privileges.

At Hastings and Hastings we admire and share the same reverence Morganelli does for his community and the administration of justice. Sure, Morganelli could probably get out of any ticket he wants—being one of the county’s top lawyers. But to him, the community’s commitment to judicial health is much more important. The idea is that no one is the exception to the law. Without this, justice becomes injustice.

In Arizona, our residents are in greater jeopardy of an unjust tow away. The lax laws of Arizona allow private companies to tow away any car parked illegally. Residents would be better off parking in the correct spot in order to avoid unscrupulous towing companies. Although everyone needs a job, most towing companies provide no benefit to the community. Rarely are they towing a car to protect the public good. Sure, if you’re parked in front of a fire hydrant then your car ought to be towed right away. But if you’re parked in an apartment complex with difficult to read no parking signs, then you are a victim of lax regulations and an unscrupulous, disreputable business. At Hastings and Hastings we welcome Mr. Morganelli to visit us and set things straight with the towing companies of Arizona.