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Automobile Tire Safety Strategies And Tips

February 6, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Automobile Tire Safety Strategies And Tips

There are many variables that go into automobile safety planning, the least of which is not automobile tires. Tires play a major role in keeping vehicle owners safe through all types of driving conditions and across a wide range of weather. Here are some useful tips and ideas for improving the performance of tires and as a result improving overall levels of safety when operating a motor vehicle.

Display Tire Pressure

For example, rechecking tire pressure at regular intervals can greatly enhance overall tire safety. The easiest way to maintain proper tire pressure is to check the vehicle’s owner’s manual for appropriate or correct specifications in this regard. Another way to find the proper tire pressure values is to simply check inside the car doorsill and look for a label that will display tire pressure. As an added note, many of today’s modern technologically advanced vehicles will even provide tire pressure information inside the driver’s compartment. Either way, rechecking pressure regularly is well worth the effort.

Roll At High Speed

One important aspect with regard to checking the air pressure on tires is to make sure that they are checked at the right time. Tires should be cool and not overheated when being checked. When it is hot outside and the temperature is soaring, this is not the best time to check tire pressure. Even when it is not hot outdoors, it is recommended that tire pressure be checked only after the car has been sitting idle for a few hours. When tires roll at high speed they become hot and it is more difficult to get an accurate reading on actual tire pressure.

Kept Handy In The Automobiles Glove Box

Finally, using the right type of pressure gauge when checking tire pressure is equally as important. Inspecting tires for damage and checking tire pressure can ensure that an accident will be less likely to occur. The air pressure gauge is an important part of this overall check. Many local auto supply stores carry this inexpensive tool that should always be kept handy in the automobiles glove box. A good way to remember when to check tire pressure is to make it a routine on the first of each month. This assures the tire pressure will be checked at least once every 30 days. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury legal representation.