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Avoiding Common Traffic Citations

February 20, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Most of us have probably been written a traffic ticket at some point during our lives. It is not a great experience. It costs money and could impact your driving record and your insurance premiums. Even the most cautious drivers get in trouble from time to time. So, what can you do to avoid tickets in the future? In our blog today, Hastings & Hastings provides a list of the most common traffic citations. Avoid these to reduce your odds of getting pulled over.

Speeding Citations

Speeding citations are by far the most common type of ticket given out by law enforcement officers each year. Everyone speeds, even if it is just a few mph over the legal limit. Lose focus for a fraction of a second and you can end up traveling 5 mph too fast. The fact of the matter is, speed almost never save you an appreciable amount of time. It is also dangerous and illegal. Keep these things in mind next time you find yourself going a little too fast. Is speeding worth it? No. Never.

Stop, Don’t Go!

Law enforcement officials could almost give out citations at will if they just hung out around stop signs and red lights. When approaching a stop sign, you most come to a complete stop. No slowing down gradually and just rolling through. No almost stopping. Hit the brakes until you reach 0 miles-per-hour, count for a full second, and then go. This is a foolproof method for avoiding a ticket for running a stop sign or a red light.

Parking Tickets

Although not a moving violation, parking tickets can still be expensive. Accumulating a lot of them can really add up. Just keep an eye out when you are parking on the street. Some no-parking signs can be confusing. Make sure you read them carefully. When in doubt, find another spot.