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Avoiding Distraction: When Danger Comes From Inside

January 12, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

It has been cover ad nauseam, but distracted driving is very dangerous. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association, it is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. The world is a busy place and distractions always seem to be encroaching. We have already spent plenty of time discussing the dangers of texting and driving, so today we will focus on other distractions which can occur inside your car.

Distracting Passengers

Distracting passengers are an especially large problem for younger drivers. For each addition young person in the car, the danger rises precipitously. Some states like California do not allow young drivers to have other young passengers. It is the duty of both the driver and the passengers to create an atmosphere that is free of distraction. If you are the driver, everyone else’s safety is in your hands. Do not hesitate to ask them to lower the volume or end the conversation if you find yourself having trouble focusing on the road.

A similar dynamic may exist between parents and kids. When putting a little one in a car seat, make sure they are well secured. If they become lose and start moving around, that could be a huge distraction. They could become tangled in their car seat or find some other danger. Teach your kids the importance of staying quite. It is a lesson that will pay off even more when they become old enough to drive.

Distracting Things

Your cellphone isn’t the only thing that can be distracting in your car. Food is another common source of distraction particularly for work commuters or individuals in a long-distance drive. Load music also diverts a driver’s attention. Keep the volume at a reasonable level and never wear headphones while driving. We actually rely on our sense of hearing to stay out of accidents.