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Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

January 3, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

Riding a motorcycle can be difficult and dangerous. Sure, there are experienced riders out there who have gone decades without ever getting in a crash or an accident, but statistically they are in the minority. Reduce your chance of getting in a motorcycle accident by learning about commons crashes and how to avoid them.

Dangerous Lane Changes

Many motorcycle accidents occur because automobile drivers make dangerous, abrupt, or unsignaled lane changes. These accidents can be particularly dangers when they occur on a highway. Avoiding them is all about situational awareness. Remember, most cars have blind spots. Know where these blind spots are and stay out of them. Look for other signs that a car may be making a lane change. Are they slowing or swerving? You can even look at their tires. Unfortunately not every driver uses a turn signal. You could be the one to pay for the mistake, so keep your eye peeled and drive carefully.

Rear-end Accidents

For cars, rear-end are usually the most minor type of collision. For a motorcycle rider, such an accident, even at low speeds, could be fatal. Again, avoiding these accidents is largely about situational awareness. You have two primary things to keep in mind, visibility, and traffic. If visibility is low, cars may be slow to stop. Keep your eye in your rear view mirror on cars approaching you rapidly from behind. If it appears they will now slow in time, try to quickly maneuver to the side of the road.

Traction Trauma

Gravel and road debris can be a motorcycle rider’s worst enemy. Unlike cars, we only have 2 wheels, and thus significantly less traction. Anything that can hinder our purchase is extremely dangerous. If road conditions are not ideal, slow down. Don’t take risks. When riding, there are many factors you can’t control. Even the most skilled rider can lose control on a gravel covered road when going too fast.