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Avoiding Reckless Behavior To Prevent Automobile Accidents

October 31, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Avoiding Reckless Behavior To Prevent Automobile Accidents

While there are many common strategies for reducing the chances of an automobile accident which results in injury, others are less obvious but equally important. For example, erratic behavior or horseplay on the highways is one of the easiest ways to cause a major automobile accident. Teenagers and adults alike who operate motor vehicles should always respect the roads and avoid any type of erratic behavior or horseplay.

Rules Of The Road

For example, spinning wheels or racing can easily cause a serious automobile accident and can also result in criminal prosecution. It is equally important to never speed, drive recklessly or run red lights. Those new to driving such as teenagers often find this type of behavior amusing, however it can result in injury and loss of life related accidents. Parents should take the time to talk with their new teenage drivers to ensure they understand the rules of the road and the importance of driving safely.

Drinking And Driving

Equally important and growing in concern in recent months is the fact many people are driving and texting at the same time. Texting causes a driver to lose awareness of the road and can easily result in a serious accident resulting in injury or loss of life related situations. While drinking and driving is equally as dangerous, texting has become one of the top concerns with regard to the amount of accidents it is causing across the country. Parents should take the time to discuss with teenagers the importance of never texting and driving. Equally important is for passengers of a vehicle to never let a driver text while driving.

Pharmaceutical Medications

Equally concerning reckless behavior that could result in an automobile accident is driving while taking pharmaceutical medications. Many pharmaceutical drugs on the market today are known to cause dizziness and drowsiness. Reduced reaction time, distorted vision and other related conditions caused by pharmaceutical medications easily could cause a serious automobile accident. Drivers should always consult with their doctor to know whether or not it is safe to drive when taking a particular pharmaceutical drug. Follow these simple tips and ensure a safe driving experience each and every time. Contact Hastings & Hastings, a focused Phoenix personal injury attorney if you have been injured through no fault of your own when operating a motor vehicle.