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Basic Dog Park Etiquette (Part One)

January 22, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

If you have ever taken your dog to the dog park, you know what a wild and crazy place it can be. Humans and animals alike circle and play in a maelstrom of fur and fun. Unfortunately, sometimes things can get out of hand. Dog bites do occur at the dog park. Often, it may not even be the dog’s fault. And that isn’t all! Conflicts with grumpy humans are not uncommon as well. To keep yourself out of trouble with both man and beast, follow our dog park etiquette guide.

1) Make sure they are ready

Don’t bring your dog to the dog park if they are not ready. Generally, 4-6 months of age is the absolute earliest they should be visiting. This is for a number of reasons. First off, younger puppies may not have all of their vaccinations yet. Young dogs do not have fully developed immune systems either. This means that they could carry and spread infections that adult dogs would not have to worry about. Consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s overall health and readiness before bringing them to the dog park.

2) Keep the park clean

This one is primarily to help you get along with the people at the dog park. It is also just a common curtesy as a dog owner. Always scoop up after your dog after they do their business. Not only is it gross, it is also unsanitary. You might think your little doggy is adorable doing their business, but they are leaving behind a stinky pile of diseases and parasites. Bring plastic baggies and scoop it up. Keep the park clean.

3) Exercise your dog beforehand

You might be wondering, but isn’t the entire point of going to the dog park to give my dog some exercise? It shouldn’t be. The dog park should be a supplemental part of your dog’s exercise. If visiting the park is the only exercise they receive, then your dog may have the tendency to become overly excited and out of control.