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Bathtub Safety For Young Children

April 4, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Bathtub Safety For Young Children

Children love taking a bath and that is why it is so essential for parents always maintain a heightened sense of awareness when young children are in a bathtub. This includes ensuring that young children and babies are never left unattended in or around water at any time. Equally important is to never rely upon older children to watch babies or young children in a bathtub. Only adults should be responsible for watching children in a bathtub.

Another Excellent Strategy For Reducing Injuries

It is also important to note that bath rings and bath seats are not considered safety devices. For example, a small child can easily slip through a bath ring or bath seat resulting in injury. This is another situation were close and careful monitoring can prevent accidents and injuries. Another excellent strategy for reducing injuries and accidents associated with the bathroom is to always keep bathroom doors closed. Using safety covers on doorknobs can prevent children from opening doors.

Bathroom Safety And Bathtub Safety

There have been many reported cases in the past were children have actually drowned in toilets. Keeping a toilet bowl lid down and even installing toilet locks can reduce the potential for this type of accident. In addition, bathroom safety and bathtub safety can be increased substantially by simply getting in the habit of always draining the bathtub immediately after a child is finished bathing. All items that contain water should be emptied as well. This includes buckets, tubs, baby pools and other types of containers. Storing these items upside down and away from children is essential to maintaining maximum levels of safety.

Address An Emergency While Waiting For First Responders To Arrive

Finally, parents can gain a lot by learning CPR. Many fire departments and other local organizations offer free CPR training courses for those interested in learning. This is a great way to increase safety and to address an emergency while waiting for first responders to arrive. CPR provides critical added time while waiting for paramedics. Best of all, CPR can be used in a wide range of other applications. Even someone choking in a restaurant stands to gain when there is an adult nearby who knows CPR. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about personal injury attorney services in Phoenix.