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Being A Defensive Driver To Avoid An Accident

September 10, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Being A Defensive Driver To Avoid An Accident

There are a number of clear-cut ways drivers can avoid an accident. In fact, following a few simple, straightforward and easy-to-implement defensive driving tips can go a long way in keeping drivers safe on roads and highways. First of all, it is important to never assume the other driver sees you or your vehicle. Being a defensive driver simply means assuming that the other driver will likely make a mistake and does not see your vehicle.

Assume The Other Driver Is A Poor quality Driver

Another smart and key strategy that should always be incorporated into every driving trip is to never assume that a turn signal is working or is being recognized by another driver. Even when using turn signals it is important to be aware of other drivers and to drive in a more defensive stance. In similar fashion it is also essential to assume the other driver is a poor quality driver and will likely cause some type of collision. Taking this approach while on the roads and highways of the country can serve to protect individuals wishing to avoid an accident at all costs.

Erratic Vehicle Behavior

It is equally important to always maintain ample distance ahead of and behind other vehicles. When following the strategy of more is always better, a greater distance between vehicles reduces the likelihood of an accident. Greater distances between vehicles provides for greater decision-making time. It also affords drivers more opportunities with regard to responding to some type of erratic vehicle behavior. For example, if the vehicle ahead suddenly stops or impacts another vehicle it is easier to stop to avoid a pile-up.

Being A Proactive Driver With Regard To Safety

Four-way stop intersections can be a very dangerous place. Exercise extreme caution when stopping at a four-way stop. Never assume other drivers will stop or follow common protocol with regard to allowing other vehicles to move through the intersection. Being a proactive driver with regard to safety also means simply being more alert and more aware of the surroundings. Finally, it is always good practice to take it slow and never be in a rush or a hurried state when driving. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury legal assistance anytime an accident or injury has occurred.