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Being Sleepy While Driving Can Result In A Disastrous Outcome

September 25, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Being Sleepy While Driving Can Result In A Disastrous Outcome

While there is much talk about the dangers of driving distracted and driving while impaired, an overlooked danger associated driving is that of being sleepy. Sleepy or drowsy driving is a dangerous activity that often results in accidents and injury. In fact, the statistics have shown that tens of thousands of drivers experience automobile accidents, injury and even loss of life due to sleepy driving each and every year.

A Good Indicator That One May Be Driving Drowsy

There are a few obvious warning signs that can provide a good clue that one may be driving in a sleepy or drowsy state. For example, excessive yawning or constantly nodding off can be just a few of the most obvious and clear-cut signs that driving is not recommended. In addition, missing an exit, making small mistakes or swerving and weaving are more indication that a driver may not be in a suitable enough condition to drive safely. The rumble-strips that are located on the side of most streets and roads (when encountered) are also a good sign that one may be driving drowsy.

Property Damage And Injury

Drifting off of the main road and onto these rumble strips is a clear indication that a driver should exit the road to rest or sleep. Even paying for a hotel room is far less costly than being involved in an automobile accident that results in property damage and injury. One of the best ways to avoid driving in a sleepy state is to get adequate sleep. In most cases eight hours of sleep each night is what is required to ensure that an individual is adequately rested prior to driving.

Avoid Becoming A Statistic

Finally, avoiding the consumption of alcohol or the use of pharmaceutical medications prior to driving is equally important. When alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs are combined with a lack of sleep the end result can be disastrous where driving a car is concerned. Take these simple steps as a way to greatly reduce the chances of ever becoming involved in an automobile accident. Sleepy drivers injure tens of thousands of people each and every year. Avoid becoming a statistic by always get adequate rest before attempting to operate a motor vehicle. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for the discount personal injury law firm Phoenix has relied upon for years.