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Bicycle Safety Can Be Greatly Improved

September 22, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Bicycle Safety Can Be Greatly Improved Through Implementing A Few Tips

Few experiences can compare to riding a bicycle in a free and relaxing way. However, regardless of how enjoyable bicycles can actually be there are certain dangers, risks and hazards associated with sharing the road with motorists. With that said, bicycle safety can be improved substantially by following a few easy tips. This can help to reduce the chances of an accident from ever occurring.

Select Clothing That Is Brightly Colored

One example of a useful tip when riding a bicycle is to always dress appropriately for the weather at hand. For example, if it is raining out, then waterproof clothing is always a good option as a way to prevent a bicycle riding experience from becoming uncomfortable. In addition, when choosing clothing for a bicycle ride it is always advisable to select clothing that is brightly colored, reflective and easy to see. This is important because it allows motorists to more easily distinguish bicycle riders on the road.

Never Use Headphones

Another essential when it comes to bicycle safety is to always wear an approved helmet. This one safety aspect with regard to riding a bicycle can ultimately save an individual’s life if they are involved in some type of accident or collision. Along with wearing a helmet, it is equally important to never use headphones when riding a bicycle. This is one of the easiest ways of not being able to hear a horn or other important road related noises. When an automobile driver is trying to warn someone riding a bicycle that there may be danger, being able to hear a horn is essential.

Typically Moving At The Same Speed

Finally, riding in the center lane where slower traffic is commonly located can also reduce the chances of being impacted while riding a bicycle on a road that is shared with automobiles. This is especially important at busy intersections where a bicycle and an automobile will typically be moving at the same speed. As an added note, when making a turn on a bicycle it is best to treat a turn just as an automobile would treat a turn. Signal to make a turn and let cars know your intentions. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Arizona discount personal injury lawyers that offer focused legal guidance.