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Bicycle Safety Tips for the Road

October 15, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Bicycle riding can be an exhilarating, fun, and an entertaining experience. Both road biking and mountain biking are popular activities for residents of Phoenix. Bike riding gives you an opportunity to get some sun shine, fresh air, and exercise. It can also be very dangerous. Mountain biking and road biking each come with their own unique dangers and cautions. Today, we will offer you some tips on safe road biking.

Wear the Proper Gear

The first step you can take starts before you even hop on the bicycle. Wearing the proper gear will minimize the chance of you getting in an accident and help to keep you safer if an accident does occur. Start by wearing a helmet. You need to protect your head, it is the most valuable thing you have! For clothing, you should wearing things that are bright and reflective. You want cars and other vehicles to be able to see you. For this reason you should also equip your bike with reflectors. They will reflect light and help alert drivers to you presence. A headlamp is another invaluable safety tool.

Common Types of Accidents

If you know the most common types of accidents that bike riders are involved in, you can take precautions and learn to avoid them. The most common type of bicycle accident is the Right Cross. Bicycle riders who are moving through an uncontrolled intersection who get hit on their right by drivers who did not see them approaching the intersection. Always slow down when approaching an intersection. Wave or try to gain the attention of any car you see approaching. Do your best to make them aware that you are there. The Door Crash is another common bicycle accident. This occurs when drivers open their driver’s side door and a rider slams into it, not having the time to slow down. Drivers rarely look behind them when they are opening the door of a parked car. If bike riders keep to the left of the lane they can avoid this problem entirely.