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Bike Safety Tips For Children

March 16, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Bike Safety Tips For Children

Riding a bicycle is one of the most basic and most important aspects of being a kid and having fun. That said there are many cases and incidents were serious injury and even loss of life occur because proper safety precautions were not taken while operating a bicycle. Parents should take the time to explore all aspects of safety with regard to children riding in a more safe fashion. This can reduce the chances of an unexpected accident.

Always Wear A Helmet Without Exception

For example, one of the most obvious and most important aspects of bicycle safety is to always wear a helmet without exception. This is perhaps one of the single most effective safety devices available to those riding a bicycle. Reducing the chances of head injuries and head trauma and even death with regard to bicycle crashes is sometimes as easy as wearing a properly fitted helmet. Making no excuses when it comes to wearing helmets is a smart and sensible approach to overall bicycle safety.

Make Direct Eye Contact

Equally important is to teach children to make eye contact with the operators of motor vehicles. Whether it is a motorcycle, car or truck, children riding a bicycle should be taught to make direct eye contact with the driver as a way to ensure that a collision does not happen. When a driver sees a bicycle rider and a bicycle rider sees a driver the chances of an accident are greatly reduced. Another major concern is that of riding a bicycle during dawn or dusk. Anytime of the day when lighting is reduced or limited, there is an increased chance of a collision or accident when riding a bicycle.

Knowing Where Children Are Riding

Equipping a child’s bike with an ample amount of lighting and reflector’s can noticeably improve overall levels of safety. In addition, wearing bright clothing and reflector type accessories and material can improve visibility so that motorists are better able to see a child riding a bicycle on the road. Finally, close adult supervision and simply knowing where children are riding at all times is important to overall biking safety. Children should be instructed to refrain from riding on busy streets or crossing busy intersections while riding a bicycle. Avoiding accidents and injuries can be as easy as avoiding congested areas. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for personal injury lawyer assistance in Phoenix.