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Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips For Those That Love To Shop

November 19, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips For Those That Love To Shop

Almost everyone knows by now that Black Friday is the first “Friday” shopping day that follows Thanksgiving. Some see this as an important date because it marks the very beginning of the Christmas shopping season where deals abound. This is also a time when many retailers open very early and in many cases stay open later than usual. A valid concern of shoppers that choose to partake in Black Friday shopping is that vehicular and pedestrian traffic can be exceedingly heavy. It is not surprising that certain dangers and hazards may be present that are worth taking note of prior to heading out to rub elbows with other shoppers. Following a few sensible tips for staying safe and avoiding injury can make the entire experience much more rewarding.

Risk For A Collision

For example, driving to and from retail outlets on this epic shopping day presents the increased risk of a potential collision. Much of this is due to increased vehicular congestion on the roads where shoppers may be in a panic to beat out other shoppers on a great deal. Some useful advice is to simply arrive early and use alternate routes if possible. Avoiding the mad rush can avert a collision and possible injury. Being extra alert for frenzied drivers and slowing down can help as well. Shopping is great fun, but becoming a traffic statistic or fatality is never fun.

Risk Of Tripping Or Falling

Another big concern of those willing to “brave” the crowd on this popular sale day is the potential for a fall or tripping event. As with driving to the store or mall, those on foot during this busy time run the risk of being pushed, shoved or even trampled. Wise shoppers can play it safe and avoid frenzied crowds whenever possible. While everyone enjoys a great bargain, a broken limb or perhaps worse is never a fair trade for saving a few dollars. Exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings to avoid a slip and fall accident on Black Friday.

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