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Burn And Scalding Avoidance Strategies And Remedies

October 7, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Burn And Scalding Avoidance Strategies And Remedies

Nothing could be more troubling than becoming burned in the home or in the work environment. In fact, not surprisingly, people across the country suffer burns in the home and work environment each and every day. Burn injuries can result in serious situations and even a loss of life. Following a few simple avoidance strategies can go a long way in keeping everyone safe. In addition, knowing how to treat a burn can also reduce the severity of injuries related to burns or scalding.

Kitchen Safety

For example, a simple tip when cooking at home is to always avoid holding a child while working at a stove. Teaching children to avoid the area immediately in front of a stove is also a good strategy to ensure an accident never occurs. Another common sense tip with regard to kitchen safety is to make certain items such as plastic bags and dishtowels are always kept away from a heating surface. In addition, making it a point to always be in the kitchen when a stove is in operation can greatly improve overall safety.

Precautions And Strategies

Equally important is to ensure that when children are present that coffee mugs and coffee cups have some type of sealable lid. This can reduce the chances of children becoming unexpectedly burned by hot liquids. Even with precautions and strategies in place, burns and scalding accidents can still occur around the home and workplace. When this happens there are some simple ways to treat a burn or scalding case. For example, when a burn happens running cool water over the burned area is always a good first place to start. With that said, the most important aspect of treating a burn is to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Medical Professional

There are many over-the-counter medications that can be applied to burn areas intended to soothe the injury and lessen the pain. As an added note, an area of the body that has experienced a burn should be protected from friction and pressure as a way to reduce the chances of further injury and increased pain. Contrary to popular belief, applying butter, cream or oil to a burn does not lessen the severity or reduce the pain sensation. Once again, always consult with a medical professional anytime a burn has occurred. Contact Hastings & Hastings a Phoenix personal injury lawyer today for injuries that were not your fault.