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Burn Prevention Tips For Those Who Smoke

March 28, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Burn Prevention Tips For Those Who Smoke

Cigar smokers and those who choose to smoke in any other capacity may wish to consider a few sensible and useful burn prevention tips. Taking the time to be proactive in this regard can save time, trouble and potential injury. For example, one of the most obvious and most important aspects of safe smoking in a dwelling is to never light up near flammable substances or materials.

A Means For Dousing Butts

This can include everything from combustible liquids such as nail polish to sheer curtains and even lighter fluid. In addition, never smoking in bed is an excellent strategy for greatly reducing the chances of being involved in a home fire. Many fires have originated because homeowners chose to smoke while in bed. When entertaining, it is recommended to provide guests with large size ashtrays that are deep for discarding butts. It is also recommended by experts to provide a means for dousing butts prior to discarding in an ashtray.

Doing A Sweep Of The Room

Equally important is to ensure full accountability of all cigarettes, cigars or other types of smoke-able items prior to going to bed. Inspecting all rooms and areas including cushions and underneath upholstered furniture for smoldering items can greatly reduce the possibility of a late-night fire. This is especially true following a party or social gathering where smokers have been present. Doing a sweep of the room when tidying up after a party is a smart and effective way of preventing a house fire. Even those who choose to smoke outdoors should exercise extreme caution at all times.

Consult With The Local Fire Department

Fires around the yard and fires in an automobile can all be avoided by simply taking the necessary precautions. Countless lives have been lost in the past due to careless or reckless smoking. A little bit of preventative action can go far in preventing fires, injuries and loss of life. As an added note, those wishing to learn more about fire safety can consult with their local fire department. Many municipal fire departments offer free safety classes that can enhance awareness when it comes to handling fire in almost any capacity. Consider these burn prevention tips as a way to stay safe indoors and outdoors. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury legal assistance.