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Candle Usage Safety Tips For Homeowners

April 7, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Candle Usage Safety Tips For Homeowners

Candle safety is an important overall aspect of home safety that should never be overlooked. Anytime candles are burned in the home there are number of safety tips that homeowners would be well advised to consider. For example, any time an individual vacates a room or retires for the evening all candles should be completely extinguished. Candles should be located in areas where they cannot be tipped or knocked over by children or pets.

Candles Are Never Left Unattended

In addition to securely locating candles in a safe location, homeowners should always make certain that candles are never left unattended with children or pets in the room. Children including teenagers should never be allowed to use candles in their bedroom at any time. It is also important to note that candles should always be placed in a position where they will not cause clothing, curtains, books or paper as well as other flammable items to ignite. Many home fires have started in this very way.

So As Not To Cause Damage To Furniture

When placing a candle for home use it is always recommended by local fire departments to use a candleholder. This is true even for the largest candles. A candleholder can greatly reduce the chances of an unexpected fire. When choosing a candle holder one should be chosen that is big enough to effectively collect all dripping wax so as not to cause damage to furniture or other home related items. Another key aspect of choosing a good location for a candle is to simply choose furniture that is secure and not susceptible to tipping.

Keep The Flames At A Reasonable Height

Equally important is to make certain the candles are never placed near flammable liquids or other types of flammables. When a candle burns down to within an inch or two of the candleholder it is recommended to extinguish the candle and discard it. Another great way to ensure proper operation of a candle is to always keep the wick trimmed to within a quarter inch or less. This will help to keep the flame at a reasonable height thereby reducing the chances of a potential fire. As an added note it is recommended to use flashlights for emergency light whenever possible as opposed to using candles. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury legal representation.