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Child Safety Involving Medication Storage

April 24, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Medication stored in the home is common today. Whether it is prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication, there are many dangers and threats associated with having medication in a home where children are present. One of the first steps in preventing accidents when it comes to children and medication is to always ensure that medication is stored in a safe and secure location that is out of sight and out of reach of children. Children are inquisitive and like to explore and that is why medication safety is so critical and so important today.

Safe And Secure Location

Equally important is to make certain that items such as eye drops as well as diaper rash products and even vitamins are stored safely in the home. These items should all be stored in a safe and secure location so that children do not have access. Even pet medication can present a serious and major concern when it comes to safety. Prescription pet medication, medicated shampoo and even flea and tick solutions should always be kept in a safe and secure place.

Taking A Redundant Approach

Parents should also ensure the child resistant caps are properly and tightly closed after each and every use. Taking a redundant approach to medication safety around the home is well worth the effort. This simply means making full use of child resistant caps while also storing medications in a location where children will not be able to access these items. The importance of redundancy when it comes to medication safety cannot be over emphasized.

Children Can Find Easy Access

Finally, parents should exercise extreme caution when keeping medication in a nightstand, in a purse or in an automobile. These are all locations where children can find easy access to medication. Unfettered access to medication could cause serious injury or even life-threatening injuries. Being safe when it comes to medication storage and proper usage is well worth the time and effort. Contact Hastings and Hastings for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer if you or someone you love has been injured due to the errors, malfeasance or negligence of another individual, company or government agency.